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North Carolina really? you suck

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by msBigCheef, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Really pissy 15 days since I moved here from MN and that means 15 days sober, really this blows dicks, I always said man I can go anyday or time with out buddah but FUK THAT!
    Im crabby as shit aaand they have the hot and spicy Mc Chicken up in this bitch, cant even enjoy it :eek: wtf is there to do help OMG Im about to open a FaceBook account , really seriously what has my life come to.....:(
  2. go for walk
  3. Ha already have a.d even walked my neighbors dog too, ugh what can I say lifes pretty dull when your life is full of colors except for green kwee
  4. every day goto a new part of town and go into a different buissness or goto a different park each day be active and most of all if you dont have weed and your craving it the best thing to do is not be on a site ALLL about weed
  5. where are you?
  6. Man Im in High Point NC yo fuckin gay
  7. Ha your a bitch lol I do have a life I just happen to like to enhance my every expierence , get off my nut sack go be a biggot somewhere else I wont entertain your super sillious cunt
  8. lol you are bitching and moaning calling an entire state shitty because you haven't smoked pot and im a biggot? hahaha

    and btw, mcdonalds fuckin blows. i can make a better sandwich drunk and half asleep
  9. Try going to Winston or Greensboro , there's a lot of good connects there if you get to know people. Plus high point isn't that bad, you probably just haven't met the right people.
  10. I grew up in NC on the beach. Lotsa weed there. Be patient my friend. All in good time. :peace:
  11. I live 10 minutes from NC, but I don't want to know you.
  12. Well good spooget because I dobt care to know you either ! :)
    On another note today is just a bad day tomorrow shall b a different story! Btw Merry XMas to all! Maybe Im upset at the lame ass apocalypse we had lol! Yes good weed is only as good as the people unless its all business
  13. So much anger lol its quite boring kweeeee lol
  14. Cannabis is not cr@ck.
  15. What whos talking about that shit? Gross , any real bud smokers understand n e ways may Ive been smoking too long and this break is more than called for Hmmm most of my head buddies tend to understand its these fu king Scencesters that like to internet bang and feel hardcore with the kryboard pfft wierdos lol
  16. order some off the silk road, its mad easy
  17. Who do u get Bcoins from?
  18. Ughh pass? I dont like it up there Im pretty frigid and I like my budskie not really into the whole internet thing, use to get my mxc from Motion research but all that shizzy went doooown so now Im paranoid + I heard they ask for a ton of $krilla for insurance or crash your computer! ?? Alas Im too ,chicken shit to know lol :(
  19. bud in nc is great...burlington has some good shit that i know of, like 30 mins from you

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