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North Carolina Potheads

Discussion in 'General' started by dysba, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. Whaaaaaaaaaats gooood?! I need some new pothead friends!
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  2. I dont live in Charlotte, but Asheville is a great stoner weekend trip. Tons of high quality cannabis and a great stoner atmosphere in the downtown area.

    My sister goes to school down in Charlotte, i hear its got some really good weed. I havent visited yet, but planning to soon

  3. Fuck yeah, I live in Asheville myself.
  4. Hell yeah dude, I love Asheville. Such a laid back city, tons of jobs for stoners in the local "ma and pa" restaurants and stores.

    Our bud is amazing too, check out the Blue Ridge Reefa thread for high quality bud porn :smoke:

    What area of Asheville do you live in Shake? I live in the eastern part of the city
  5. I live in raleigh myself, great places to smoke and good weed. If your ever coming through here hit me up ill be glad to smoke up with you hahah
  6. sounds like a plan dude, ive got friends that go to NCSU down there.

    i could always make up an excuse to come visit them :smoke:
  7. High there.:rolleyes:
  8. I used to have a house in east asheville, currently i'm living in fairview.

    It's true, it is harder to find people who don't smoke weed than people who do.
  9. I live in charlotte but I've been hearing all this awesome shit about asheville in the past year, trying to go there this summer with some friends :)
  10. Asheville is pretty much stoner land in NC. It's amazing.
  11. Thank god I Can get the updates on the general Marijuana News from around the world

    This just in local LEO looks for dumb kids to fuck over on internet website Grasscity:D
  12. Ive only visited but all i can say is jacksonville, nc can suck my fat cock, the only thing to smoke there is "spice"
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    You just haven't been to the right areas of NC.

    edit for terrible spelling
  14. ^ no hate, im sure yall get great buds but i was just visiting the fam... its a military town too :( which sucks ass (edit: btw i wasnt talking about nc in general just jacksonville)
  15. I understand fully, once you leave Asheville its just bible belt.
  16. i stay near hickory, go to charlotte to skate sometimes
  17. Nags head, Nc reporting for duty!
  18. ^ cool i'm like 20mi north of there, it's pretty hard to find unless you find the right people which are few and far between.
  19. Looking at places in Asheville now...can't wait to move there...just a few harvests and then this place goes up on the market YAY:hello:
  20. im going to be moving from san diego ca up to either asheville or greensboro. any suggestions on which place is better. also im looking for people who will want to buy some of my cali product if you know what i mean
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