North Carolina- Just moved from OBX to Wilmington

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by StayHigh v2, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. whats up all you wilmingtonians? or anywhere around the 910!!!

    new here, attending Cape fear community college...
  2. Welcome to the City!
  3. Welcome bro. I left NC but I was stationed at Ft. Bragg. Have a great time out there......and here
  4. I'm in the over in the Piedmont of NC. Close by Charlotte. But I'd love to be closer to the beach. How are you liking Wilmington?
  5. J'Ville here. drumcrazy, sick avatar. Best show on TV since Lost.

    Any people living in the dub going to the Umphrey's show September 25? Check it out if you're not!
  6. Thanks, man!! I completely agree with you about Breaking Bad being the best show on TV! :) Join us in the Breaking Bad thread in my sig
  7. Hey i just move to jacksonville nc, and im gonna be going to school in wilmington starting next week. im lookin for some cool people to hang out with
  8. I'm living just north of Wilmington for the last few months and I'm lookin for some cool heads to chill with. I'm a NY transplant and don't really know anyone in the area, so it's been a rough transition for me. Hit me up, I'd love to meet some good folks down here.
  9. the community college here is pretty chill so far.. i like the area... i just want the waves i had back home here...... and the beaches are dirty with too many tourists it seems like...

    feel free to pm me

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