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North Carolina Cannabis Network Patients IN CHARLOTTE, NC

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by 12oad, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. Hi! I encourage who ever is In the Charlotte area or nearby to come by and show some support!! 
    I will be attending this meeting I hope some of you could make it tomorrow..

            About myself. My name is Randy. I'm 19 years old, college student, and I suffer from Migraines. Ever since I moved to Southern California and started my fresh men high school year I started getting migraines really bad. It affected my school work and attendance. I assume it was the depression and stress starting a whole new life and all. Making new friends and not knowing anyone. Anyways I finally turned to the doctors for help hoping they could work some magic and get rid of this pain. They wrote me up a prescription for Migraine relief pills and some other pharmaceutical mix in a pill drug. I had no choice but to take the pills and hope that the pain would go away. IT DIDN'T! The only thing it did for me was make me feel like a complete lifeless vessel. I FELT LIKE A ZOMBIE.. I couldn't even think clearly or anything. So I stopped taking the prescription pills and did some research. I finally landed here on GrassCity and realized that other people who were suffering from Migraines used cannabis as a medicine and for some It relieved the pain or even prevented migraine attacks. As I was growing up I was taught in school that the drugs were bad and to stay away from them. Ruined life's blah blah blah.​
    Alright, now to be clear I always was against the use of drugs and stuff when I was younger. I even made a promise with my best friend Cole that we'll never do drugs. But after my research I was so desperate and wanted this pain to go away. I asked my doctor about it and he told me everything I have read about on the forums. He even recommended it to me after I asked him about it. He said he never mentioned it in the first place because I was under the age of 18. In that area of Southern California legal age starting at the age of 18 was eligible to be a marijuana cannabis patient receiving a green card as identification when entering a dispensary. Alright.. Now this is the point in my life when I started using cannabis. I realized what was going on here and that marijuana is medicine and even less harmful then the legal substances. Marijuana relieved my migraines and even prevents it. I HARDLY get migraines now.. It changed my life dramatically and made me more open minded.  I started questioning everything. Why is tobacco legal? Why is alcohol legal? They kill hundreds and thousands of people annually. Humans who have consumed marijuana have had no long term effects nor deaths. Musicians, engineers, doctors, teachers, and people from all different region of careers out there use cannabis secretly because its taboo here in our society. If marijuana was so bad how are these people still successful?  History is happening.. from left to right. I couldn't believe my eyes and ears when I saw the news on legalization over in Colorado, and states passing medical cannabis bills. Anyways.. Sorry If I wrote so much. If you read all of this I greatly appreciate it. We all know how much we love Cannabis. It would bring me to tears if we get a bill passed here for medical use. Cheers guys happy smoking. It's always 420 somewhere.  :hello:
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  2. 625 views not one person commented? .. :confused:
  3. I wish I had seen it sooner I WOULD HAVE TIRED TO MAKE IT.
    Peace Out
  4. It was a sick experience man.. Met a lot of people and actually people who you probably seen on the news lmao

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