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North Carolina Buds a.k.a. Blue Ridge Reefa...where's my NC heads at??

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by jd4083, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. we need more dank on the coast. oh


    x if ya feel me?
  2. shiiiit i live right outside charlotte and all i can find in reggie ass brick weed i wish i could come by some of thiss!!!:(
  3. :wave: more pics tonight or tomorrow
  4. Here's most of my day in pics...

    \t \t [​IMG]
  5. Nice pics Bro!
    I'm a little embarrassed by our fellow Carolinian's reaction to pics of good bud, damn if yall want it that bad use this site an learn a thing or too an let mother nature do er thing. Representing The Queen, Wide Awake, an Port City... Respect.
  6. believe me dude charlotte has nice buds too, most of it comes from the app mountains tho. Just keep lookin around the qc and ull eventually find some quality dank.

    and OP im glad you are showin everyone that our mountains sure produce a ton of the east coasts bud +rep
  7. just picked up some shit from greensboro called parisian valley kush. anyone heard of it?
  8. hey i feel like a creep finally registering just to post this but if anyone can help a dude out in raleigh/cary today, thad would be awesome. I just moved and my supply line (lol) has totally dried up. send me a PM or something, Cheers :)
  9. thanks for posting dudes...

    jerryfan23 - never heard of it and to be honest it sounds like a bullshit strain name some high school kid made up, but ya never know...was it good? that's what matters :p

    raleighdude - pretty sure asking for hookups is forbidden on GC (for obvious reasons...) and I would really prefer that you guys keep that stuff out of my thread. thanks.....

    here's a kinda shitty pic of the local cut of Mango Haze...this is some killer, loving it...


  10. Yeah, I despise the town, tryna get out asap haha.

    But Sergeant Brown?

    As in, Rueben's dad..?
  11. i live in chapel hill, NC. and anything worth anything comes from boone.

    seriously, everything else is shit. i assume blueridge is near boone
  12. #152 jd4083, Feb 28, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 28, 2010
    His name ain't reuben...and I definitely wouldn't say what it was on an open forum anyways

    imonfreakinfire- I'm a couple of hours from boone, right on the border of TN & GA. Honestly boone does have some good dank because of how small it is and how friendly App State is, but my area kills it (and anywhere else in NC/most of eastern US honestly lol)

    this is where the kids from boone come to cop the dank they sell to the college kids in their town for $120+ a quarter ;) and where a lot of awesome genetics come from as well...

  13. Then there must be two officers with the last name Brown, and my bad, wasn't thinking about the whole open forum thing haha.
  14. it's all gravy dude :wave: lit off some mangoes...
  15. yeah i does sound like some bullshit haha. but daamn the shit is good. i could throw it at the wall and it would stick. probably one of my top 3 favorite indicas
  16. :wave: I'm more of a sat fan myself, although this PTK I picked up leans pretty heavy towards the other end of the spectrum:


    Here's some PTK and mango haze together:

  17. I'm a Durham toker.
    Got a buddy growing some pretty nice seeds.
    got some Hashplant, Hashplant Haze, & Industrial Plant
    all flowering in april.
    hoping to have it cured by 420 lol :smoke:

  18. good times:D:hello:
  19. Increadible Marijuana.
  20. Hell yeah we get some really good strains here in wilmy, i actually have a friend growing a couple gorgeous white widow plants.

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