Discussion in 'General' started by easygrower, Aug 27, 2003.

  1. ey folks i was just wondering if there where any norwegians i can get some help in my mother language???

    where to buy shit and such...

    if carrots got you drunk rabbits would be fucked up
  2. not shit like in weed but shit like light etc.......
  3. yup

    ...du finner linker til diverse headshops på

    det hjelper stort om du bor i bergen eller oslo :) i distriktet er det heller smått, men jeg tror stavanger, trondhjem og tromsø i det minste har en yin-yang filial.

    lykke til
  4. i don't get it...
  5. hahahahah inferior wang!!
  6. flaaa flaflafla fla. flaflaflafla flafla. flaff flafla flaff flaff!

    makes perfect sense to me :D

    edit: what wang actually could understand:


    ...?? ?????? link?? ??? ??????? headshops ??

    ??? ??????? ????? ?? ?? ??? ? bergen ????? oslo ? distrikt?? ?? ??? ?????? ?????, ??? ??? ???? stavanger, trondhjem ?? tromsø ? ??? ?????? ??? ?? yin-yang ??????.

    ????? ???


    bold = places, cities. well small towns, overgrown villages really. especially tromsø. a fishing village.
    italic = norwegian / scandinavian headshop / new age franchise
  7. norwegian isn't all that difficult. i even know a couple of french dudes who "know" it, one of which have almost learned to speak it with only a thick accent :D

    and nubbin, you're dutch. it's easy. it's like german, but without all that horrible grammar. since i know rudimentary german, i got no problem understanding most written dutch (you speak like crows with a throat infection though. total gibberish) as it is basically a blend of german and nordic.

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