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Normsy Poo? Wherefore art thou?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RMJL, Oct 6, 2002.

  1. Hi Normsy Poo!!!!!!!!

    You and I need to have a private moment.

    6 OT's.....they tried buddy....but they just didn't get it. So, even though we never agreed on an exact thingy, we talked about picture taking equipment and entertainment. I expect something!!!!!!!!
  2. how bout this??

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  3. or is this more of what you expected??......


    it was a great fucking game though..certainly not disappointed in them

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  4. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH....somethi.HAHAHA..shit..i cant stop fine now...something told me that poor lil ol dirty would stumble along innocently and find this thread...and cry..
  5. so preeeeeeeeetty:D
  6. LMAO. man what a good morning it is.
  7. is it just a bad pick or is that an Elvis doo, you're sporting there Norman??? out....Sid
  8. For once I am completely at a loss for words!!!!!!


    My day could not have started off better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I luv ya, man! The game was awesome. I was really impressed with the Backs but I never would have got to see that ass had my VOLS not prevailed. I SO love my team right now!!!!!LOL!!

    I'd knew you'd come through, Normsy Poo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I wish I had the power to remove your avatar sentence. Maybe we can take a vote or something since my team won, I think that I should be allowed to shorten his sentence. Anyone care to vote yay or nay?
  11. What is it? His sentence?

    He has to wear Mr. America until the Razorbacks win again.

    I'm not off track...I just wander around in my own little different direction. Besides this IS about a football bet and I WON!:)
  12. RMJL.....since you did win the should be able to get or do whatever you want to Norm. So I'll vote for anything you choose to do!!!!!

    Besides, us redheads have to stick together!!!

  13. ..worst. thread. ever.
  14. you know what I don't think norm has once smiled in those pictures of himself he puts up... I mean in one of those he's got a face like a slapped arse...
  15. Well norm may have to oleave us a while. He's been a BAD BAD boy!!

  16. HahahhahaLOL He's been a BAD BAD boy!!!!!!
  17. I choose to shorten Norm's sentence. I personally think that he should be able to return to his old avatar after midnight tonight.

    The Razorbacks did really well last night. I think fighting through 6 freakin' overtimes gets him out of wearing that avatar.

    So, get rid of it at 12:01 tonight.
  18. *lol* I'm all for the ass avatar suggestion ;)

    Norm, you better be careful with that shit, you'll have thte ice cream man at your house in no time. I bet you didn't know he got some NOS tanks in his ice cream mobile ;)

    p.s. You should know better than to get RMJL and Flowerchild all riled up ;)
  19. well..glad to see that i got some sort of reaction from that one:D...not that i expected one..


    so..what should my new avatar be?

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