NORML: Vote for 3 videos that do the best job of telling President Obama what to do

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    NORML needs your votes!

    Washington, D.C.: Sunday, February 8, tonight at midnight (PST) NORML’s pro-marijuana law reform ad contest’s online voting will conclude.
    $10,000 in cash prizes are on the line and some of the winning videos are going to air in major TV markets all around the country—meaning these ads at a minimum need to be supportive of NORML and cannabis consumers’ longstanding advocacy efforts to effectively end the prohibition of marijuana for adults.

    With that kind of stake in your hands, won’t you please take a moment today or tonight to help pick the kind of ads you want to see on TV, and the Internet, in support of NORML’s important work? There are many ways you and your like-minded friends can directly aid in marijuana law reform, voting in this year’s ad contest from NORML is one of them.

    You know what what would really help? Sending this last chance notice to vote in the contest around to your friends, as well as DIGGing it!

    Thanks in advance and kind regards!
  2. Hey man, thanks for the link. Seems some good vids. I like the uninformed congressman one! haha
  3. I know that the Yes We Can ad will win because it looks the most professional..

    but I really voted for this one:

    [ame=""]YouTube - Dear President Obama,[/ame]

    I like the Yes We Can but it doesn't say any facts, it just has some people in it. Like to the ill informed on mj, it will seem like "Wow there are some criminals in places I wish they weren't"
  4. thanks for the linkage
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    You can vote for 3 Madrid I didn't vote for that one simply because of one little problem, they didn't put the 10billion spent on enforcing the laws in writing, so a lot of people will ignore it.

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