NORML Marijuana Debate on C-Span

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  1. just got an email from NORML. The head guy will debate former DEA administrator chief/Republican congressman Asa Hutchinson from Arkansas. The debate is on C-Span at 9:15 - 10 AM est tomorrow morning (10/9/10).

    This should be good!!
  2. oh yes i am watching:eek::D
  3. The prohibition side will bring the typical gateway theory and drug dealers turning kids into heroin junkies on the playgrounds with marajuna bullshit. Makes me sick
  4. At least a moderated debate. Instead of news anchors interjecting whenever they fucking feel like.
  5. watching now.....was just gonna post about this. Allen St pierre is speaking with former DEA head. very good debate
  6. :eek:They cut a caller off as soon as he mentioned research supporting cannabinoids rebuilding neurons. Makes me really feel like there just might be an NWO.:mad: fags....
  7. The part that will stick with me the most was made by St Piere. He said the year he was born the US Government made a concerted effort to reduce tobacco smoking. Since that time tobacco usage has decreased 50%. This was accomplished without a single person arrested or thrown in jail. He made this point after the "bad guy" said something about legalization would increase usage and didn't think this direction was good for the country.

  8. Of course the "bad guy" brought up gateway. St. Pierre wasn't buying this BS. He responded with something like " those people that moved on to harder drugs started with caffeine, nicotine, alcohol; marijuana just happened to be the first illegal drug they used.
  9. Link to debate here: Washington Journal Program 10/9/2010 - C-SPAN Video Library. (skip to 2 hrs and 20min)

    Optimistic debate since all of the callers expect 1 pretty much were all angered at the current prohibition laws of cannabis. The only part that looked bad for the movement was an article brought up that Amsterdam was cracking down on shops, but i haven't looked into that issue much.
  10. Pierre presented staunch evidence of the failure of marijuana prohibition and Asa never denied the failure but just went into the protect the children mode,then it was Asa’s show with questions from the viewers,all proponents of legalization,Asa never really answered any of the questions but went into prohibition land where the government is supreme and all must bow down to the law.
    If they had allowed Pierre to reply to Asa’s comments to the questions it would have made it a balanced debate but it came off as the Asa-DEA dog and pony show.
    I am sure St Pierre will have something to say soon.
  11. Asa Hutchinson - my federal law trumps your state law, so neener neener.
  12. Asa got p0wnd

    That is all:smoke:

    lmao. but asa just said the same thing we have been hearing gateway, children, increase usage, everything that we are aware of and have evidence either against or evidence that makes it redundant.

    We need for you californians to vote yes on 19! lets get the ball rolling
  13. Just watched the whole thing. Here is a direct link to the video:C-SPAN Video Player - Asa Hutchinson & Allen St. Pierre

    I hated how Asa got to tell his LIES about Amsterdam and we didn't get a chance to rebut, but I guess that's the nature of a moderated debate.

    Overall, I think we won by a slight margin. Obviously America is for Prop 19. You can hear us speaking everywhere in favor of it. It really seems like the only folks who want to keep it illegal are our fucking Politicians and Newspaper editors! What the FUCK?

    I just hope California get's it right this time. I'd like to believe we have a state of smart and informed citizens. I guess we'll see... I have my mail-in Ballot completed and so does my wife. We are both voting yes on Prop 19 and we already have our medical marijuana cards. We would like everyone to have the same freedoms.

    Everyone please do your part and be counted. Get registered here and VOTE. The opposition will be. You can count on that.
  14. Thank God our founders had the foresight to give States the right to implement propositions such as this one. If we left it up to the tools in the government, nothing would ever happen except to make things increasingly more restrictive. It's time to do a reset on this nonsense and stop wasting money and lives. I can't wait to see the headline on November 3rd.

    ********* California Says Fuck YOU to Prohibition! *********

  15. This is a very important debate and we all need to watch and learn. We need to know our enemies as well as our friends and advocates. This is serious!
  16. There were so many BS responses in that debate. I hate when people say Marijuana is a gateway drug and they know it because of experience. That can easily be said. That's just a BS response to get ignorant people to hate cannabis even more.

    Honestly I think it's the person's own will of trying other drugs and the cannabis is not to blame.

  17. lol.

    Or his call could just have got disconnected for any number of reasons.

    Really, when you consider all the nuts that C-span lets spout whatever crazy views they might have, do you really think they would cut someone off for mentioning some medical research? You can see conspiracies everywhere if you look hard enough.

    Am i right in thinking there was no calls against the proposition, or did i miss them. quite significant i think
  18. As far as I recall, it was 100% positive in favor or Prop 19. Same as it is for the most part on the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, etc. With Polls showing that half the people in California against Prop 19, I have to wonder where the hell they are all coming from. Perhaps people that favor Prohibition don't use computers yet?

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