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NORML Debates on ABC Nightline

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by shadowlust, May 18, 2010.

  1. These interviews piss me off. The interviewer and the person against it never supports it. And makes all these cheap stupid ass jokes against marijuana. The person debating for marijuana is serious, has facts, and knows his shit. The opposing side has jokes, no basis, and is just pulling shit off their propoganda film. Good job NORML on owning another retard.

    I hate how the dude against MJ is smiling the whole time. Makes him look like a dumbass.
  2. Man what a retard. He is smiling like that because he knows the whole thing is a joke!

    His arguments were so stupid, made me fuckin' angry.... why talk about heroin and meth etc? What a douche. He barely even strung a coherent argument together.

  3. what a poor debate. Brian is ignorant and Allen can't speak well.
  4. I thought Allen spoke quite eloquently, and he used scientific data to back up much of his argument. I can't say the same about Brian, however. You knew he didn't have a leg to stand on when he consistently diverted the discussion back to heroin and meth. It becomes painfully obvious that there can't even be a debate on the subject of marijuana because all the data and all of the facts so resoundingly indicate that marijuana use is less harmful than legal drugs. Furthermore, studies from countries that have legalized or decriminalized marijuana indicate that user rates decline. Hell, even the studies the U.S. government comissions show that marijuana is harmless. So bend over BRIAN because legalization is coming!!!

    As an aside, It wouldn't hurt Brian to take a trip to the tailors and get a suit that fits. It looks like he sporting some jabba the hut reject suit that fits him like a tent.
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    Watching that was painful.

    The moderator had no control over the debate and her comments were completely unsubstantial, Darling continually spouted off stereotypes without any proof whatsoever, and the guy from NORML was a condescending prick who kept yelling "BRIAN" the second Darling opened his mouth, not allowing the other guy to counter.

    I don't think marijuana should be legal simply because allowing more people to smoke won't ultimately benefit society as a whole.

    Yes, weed is safer than alcohol, but just because liquor is worse than pot doesn't mean that you legalize the lesser of the two evils. Truth be told, the country would benefit exponentially more from working to ban alcohol and tobacco than a mass effort to allow marijuana simply because it is less harmful than alcohol and tobacco.

    The "tradition" argument does have some merit as alcohol was so difficult to make illegal because the vast majority of adults in the country had grown up around alcohol; banning it completely was a lifestyle change for nearly everyone in the US. Most people in this country, and the world, conversely, have not grown up around marijuana.

    I think that idiots like Darling misrepresent what marijuana actually is, as pot isn't at all similar to heroine, but it's still going to lead to many problems which would exist simply because of new users due to legalization.

    Sure, legalization would lead to crime going down as it pertains to dealing, but making bud legal would inevitably create more impaired drivers who would endanger the lives of others, and even if only 1% of marijuana smokers go onto harder drugs as St-Pierre claimed, legalizing pot would lead hundreds of thousands of more people into coke and heroine who wouldn't have used otherwise as the total amount of pot smokers would rise.

    This, of course, assumes that legalization would lead to more people smoking; although some people would, and probably will, beg to differ, I can't believe that making marijuana legal will "decrease user rates."

    I fucking love weed, but making it legal would result in more people dying of lung cancer (as many potential users do/would smoke cigs which we know is a lethal combination), more people dying in car accidents, and more people dying of heroine/cocaine/meth overdoses, none of which are good for the country, or individual families.

    High school dealers would be run out of business, yes, but real organized crime wouldn't disappear just because you legalize pot as they would still have every single other drug to deal.

  6. Brian! BRIAN! BRIAN!!! Brian is a douche. He got owned. The end.
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    I think your heart's in the right place, but you're basing your opinions off what the minority of users do. I know a guy that drove his car into a Dairy Queen right after he huffed compressed air. They didn't outlaw air compressers, they called the kid an idiot. Life moved on. Don't condemn those of us who are tired of the oppression and want to be taxed and regulated because of the actions of a few.
  8. I've watched the first 3 of the 4 videos and that is where i'm stopping.
    Watching that made me question whether our government has any idea how to run this country.
    Halfway through the first video I was looking around to see if it was a prank or something. Brian was talking through his ass and i know that everyone that see's the debate will know that.
  9. "i like to drink...i love tobacco".....the argument seemed to go down hill from
  10. hes killing him with those statistics
  11. Empirical thought and the use of syllogisms are very old concepts. Why the fuck do we have an elected official(s) who has(have) never heard of them?

    the uh.. umm... heroin and marijuana... you're a hypocrite... (Brian the douchebag, 2010).

    Politicians, lawyers, and lobbyists are ruining the country, because, rather than "establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense,promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity," (not changing the quote tense at 1am) everyone is solely concerned with getting re-elected and getting their cut of the pie. It is insulting as fuck that the government violates the liberties they garuntee us, simply because they are worried about the outcome of giving us freedom. ALL of life is about choices. Goverment is grossly overstepping its boundaries when they take control of choices that occur on the individual level. Since Brian, Brian, BRIAN! likes the comparison so much, I should have every right to dome-piece as much marijuana, heroin, and meth as I want. Nowhere in our laws does it say that people should not have the right to make an intrapersonal choice simply because subjective reasoning says people could make the "wrong" choice.

    I actually feel pot (not meth or heroin) should be legal, while tabacco and alcohol should be banned. My reasoning lies in common sense, basic pharmacology and epidemiology, as well as the fact that I'm stoned as fuck as I rant (still more coherent than Brian). Specifically, the dichotomy between tabacco and pot fucking pisses me off. Tabacco is the number one cause of premature death in the world and is biochemically (nicotene, etc.) more addictive than heroin (I can cite sources unlike Brian)!!!! But Brian likes tabacco... so its ok... (I watched these videos last night so I'm not certain -- didn't he actually suggest or start to imply that tabacco was ok, because HE LIKES IT, at one point? I feel like he did and the NORML guy should have eaten his shit alive for that.) All scientific evidence points to the fact that pot is generally harmless, while I can write down the biochemical mechanism for how tabacco directly dimerizes DNA. WTF!?!?! This country ain't right anymore -- at least some people are starting to realize it. Viva la revolution.

    And to Brian: Please study this book.


    Now that I have gotten that out, its time to loadanotherbowl. :wave::smoke:

    One more thing: While I feel name calling was totally justified if not underdone in this debate, the NORML guy needed to chill out and hit the doob while Brian was talking, then calmly proceed to dismantle and debunk all of his enthymemes while high. This would be badass, as well as a better practice. Plus, Brian, Brian, BRIAN!!! wouldn't still be ringing in my head.

    P.S.S. Who splooged in the moderator's eye?

  12. It makes me lose hope in California legalizing it when even pot smokers (such as yourself) are ignorant to the real facts. Most of what you said is not true and is in fact patently false. Get a clue my friend. :rolleyes:
  13. ++Rep to the one person who took the tougher stand and got hiss ass bitten for taking the opposing view.

    I agree. Pot should be legalized and highly taxed if we want it to be more difficult for children and teenagers to get.

    The debate was pointless, non benficial and out of control. Good entertainment values though.
  14. marijuana is illegal. you know what else is illegal?...murder

    that guys job is hella easy
  15. jesus, brian darling looks like a proper wanker, what is that sedated smile that he keeps doing?!
  16. love how brian couldn't make a good argument to save his life

  17. /agree :wave:

    i couldnt stop pierre is outstanding!

  18. i caught that too....i was laughing so hard, i was actually cryin!
  19. Care to elaborate?
  20. Sorry I didn't site sources for some of this stuff most of it is all over this website if you would like I can pull plenty of em up for ya.

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