NORML Debates on ABC Nightline

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  1. NORML Executive Director Allen St. Pierre VS Brian Darling - Director of United States Senate Relations on ABC News Nightline.
    YouTube - Kanaal van medivhan - 4 parts.
    Mr. Darling just...I don't even..*facepalm*
  2. Darling got his shit handed to him, too bad that wasn't on regular network ABC show.
  3. Allen made him look retarded
  4. lol. On part 2 at about the one minute mark look at the avatar of the guy tweeting.

    But ya, Allen handed this guy his ass. This guy was such the stereotypical politician. Every time he made a pointed statement, notice he leans forward and smiles like he's making the punchline of a joke. *zing!
  5. Darling pisses me off. And it's much easier to get cannabis than it is alcohol or tobacco. I tried getting both and failed. Because it's regulated, and people can lose their jobs for selling it to minors, and those under 21. Drug dealers don't give a flying fuck. Hell, I've been offered, heroin, prescription pills and cocaine. Didn't accept them, but I can see how some would. And, 'drug driving' there's already a term for that, DWI/DUI. I've never driven stoned, basically, 'cause I don't want to. I think I can, it's just way too much of a hassle. I'd rather sit in my chair and toke up a bong in the peace of my house.
  6. we have a discussion going on about this in Legalization, but i was watching this about the news reporter? She looked suicidal i mean have some zeal!
  7. I know this is already in the legalization forum but Id like to point out that the Brian guy looked pissed as Alan kept raddling off figures and reports from the government
  8. The goddamn reporter wouldn't stop winking at me.
  9. What really chaps my assis that the fucking politician doesn't even believe what he's selling. He was given money by big pharma to hand out talking points to the media. That's all he was doing. He was parroting some fucking script that was given to him by the pharmaceutical corporations. It is so god-damned pathetic.

    Americans are so damn stupid they'll just see the politicians lying about statistics, scientific studies and even basic American history and vote accordingly. They won't bother to do their own research. ARGH!!! I've been sending out emails with a link to The Union: The Business Behind Getting High just to try and counter-act this bullshit.

    This is how it's going folks. The extreme right is trying to gain control again. Which means, large corporations are scared. They will pay out the wazoo to their own politicians in office which includes pouring tons of money into the anti-marijuana campaigns.

    We are already seeing local and state elected officials screwing with medical marijuana laws. It won't be long until we will see medical marijuana laws rescinded. Everyone needs to get mobilized. There is going to be a backlash and it will people like us that suffer.
  10. Go NORML! That joker got his ass handed to him by St. Pierre:D

  11. No, i think hes actually retarded.
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    Brian!... Brian!.... BRIAN!! BRIAN LISTEN! BRIAN!!

    Allen had great points and counter-facts against Brian, but in a debate, you need to let the other people talk and make their points. Then afterwards, shoot 'em down (refer to what he said, provide counter-facts and statistics, etc). He was talking over him so much, saying "NO! NO!", it got really annoying, and IMO hurt his arguments. He wasn't listening to him half the time, and he could have made such better arguments if he had. If you listen carefully, there were some things Brian mentions that Allen misses, because he is talking over him so much. Not my kind of discussion tactics. He could have shot him down in a much more honorable and mature manner.

    Not necessarily hating on the guy though, I'm super glad we have people like him out there spreading the facts and breaking through the bullshit of the typical prohibitionist tactics. I know I don't have half the speaking/arguing power of Allen.

    Overall, he DID shut Brian down though, haha. He said a LOT of the typical prohibitionist bullshit that you'd expect. Once I heard him use the term "gateway drug"... ohhh, shit's on like donkey kong.

    Allen's closing statement rocked.

  13. Dude me too! haha.

    But really, Allen conquered this guy. I wish it had gone on for another hour like the reporter said. Watching politicians get slammed like that is my favorite.
  14. The norml guy was a total dick to the prohibitionist guy. Honestly though, if that really is Brian's opinion and he wasn't simply just paid to go on the show, then he just needs to go die in a hole.
  15. Mr. Darling is the stupidest fucking man I have ever heard speak upon this earth. He should prematurely abort himself with his tobacco and alcohol use, which he will without a doubt. I seriously want to knock him the fuck out with a fat punch to the dome and break his nose. How can a person be so extraordinarily dumb? OH DO YOU WANNA MAKE HEROIN AND CRACK AND METH LEGAL?? "NO". WELL THEN YOU'RE FOR THE PROHIBITION OF DRUGS. What a fucking idiot.
  16. Brian Darling is such a typical politician... His arguments have absolutely no basis in rationality and he's so stuck in the past. His basic logic throughout was ''Well, this is the way things have always been, so we must keep them this way, and therefore I'm right and you're wrong, regardless of the endless facts and statistics you're coming up with''.
  17. a lot of people are criticizing St. Pierre for his technique in the debate. While I agree he didn't practice a proper "debate" format, I think that was the point. Usually St. Pierre performs near flawless in such a situation. I think with this being a limited audience segment that was obviously gonna be viewed primarily by those with his standpoint he took the opportunity to spank this guy and embarrass him. Mr. Darling is now gonna think twice about steppin in the ring with St. Pierre and that's the point. get the dumb ones out who spout bullshit so they are less motivated to debate it and hide publicly from the issue, take the serious opposition on seriously, and in general leave the beaten ones with sour stories about how bad the debate went to tell their colleagues so they in turn will not wanna get into the frey. Our view is finally being given the mic and when not following decorum will lose you nothing, be the loudest you can and spank the other guy so hard he doesn't wanna look at you. Its just strategy.
  18. I watched this last night. I loved the part where Allen said the results of two different studies and where the figures came from, which was then followed by Brian saying he'd like to know where he's getting his information. He JUST told you dumbass. The only part where I cringed was when Allen called Brian a chump for using tobacco (not that I disagree, Brian is a chump). Name calling in a debate is bad form no matter which way you cut it. Otherwise Allen did a great job.
  19. St. Pierre did a really good job. I'm glad he countered the "tradition" argument. Notice how St. Pierre always stopped and let the other guy finish? Sure there were times when he had to jump in when the Brian guy was talking but he otherwise wouldn't have been able to properly counter.

    Yea I also loved how Mr. St. Pierre was rattling off government statistics. The Brian guy is a fucking tool. Does anyone else get the sense that there is a conspiracy against pot? I mean what are they really so afraid of? Every argument the Brian guy made against the dangerous of pot were also applicable to alcohol, tobacco and other government regulated drugs.

    For a little while I was thinking that pot couldn't be taxed because it is so easily home-grown but I guess tobacco could also be home-grown and it is taxed like a mother fucker. Luckily I don't smoke cigarettes anymore. Big waste of time and money. If there is anything good about cigarette's its a good way to just kill time by doing nothing.
  20. hahaha... BRIAN...BRIAN...BRIAN

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