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NORML?anyone know wat im talkin about?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bluntsmoker420, Jul 10, 2003.

  1. NORML is launching thier own "TRUTH" campien/commertial things. They said that they are sick of everything TRUTH has been sayin and some of the lies they have said so if you dont know wat this means it means that there wont be no stupid people out there going "NOOOOOO i know the facts i saw it on TV"






    Leaglization/or it might be/ Laws

  2. No no no. It stands for

    Organization for
    Reform of
  3. Really?

    Well that should be a worth while watch. I'm looking forward to it.
  4. In the USA? What states are you from?
  5. the US? thats a big NO I think

    I'd love to think its possible

    but do you realize how many DICKHEAD mom and concerened citizens groups would say OH HELL NO, I DID NOT JUST SEE A AD FOR THE BETTERMENT OF MARIJUANA.

    Assholes who close their minds is all the keeps america from its true goals.
  6. I've smoked weed for 20 years and never did I think I'd see the day when it was decriminalized. You don't even get a ticket for under 30 grams. Just a lecture.I bet it happens in the USA sooner than you think.
  7. That would be awesome if they came out with funny ad's that put real answer's out there for all the myth's that Truth, and those other horrible companies, feed off of.

  8. as far as i kow its not gonna be on nationall tv...i doubt ill xbe seing any of them. NORML is the shit though, i have alot of respect for them because they are willing to really fight for the cause, they have serious dedication for the cause and i respect that.

    NORML accepts donations, if any of yall got a few extra bucks or even 50cents yall should think bout donatin it...normal is the one that trys to pass pro marijuana laws. If it wasnt for normal medical weed wouldnt have been legal for the past 7yrs out here.
  9. norml should put on benefit concerts for itself
  10. The MPP (Marijuana Policy Project) put out some commercials a while ago as a defensive act against the anti-drug commercials that targeted weed but many stations wouldn't carry them...actually, most wouldn't. NORML is a good organization and I will always support them but I think that the MPP makes more political moves than NORML. However, NORML is kind of like Christmas in that it's a bit commercialized so with that being the case, maybe their commercials might get more air time at the tv stations. I hope so. We need some changes in this country as soon as possible.

    I have so much respect for those who stand up and tell the truth about something. Walters and the rest of the bunch who spread lies about MaryJane will someday have to face the fact they are nothing but lying and manipulating people who only want some sort of power and not what's best for America. They'll get their's in the end and we'll all be happy and stoned! :D
  11. You don't see any pro-pot commercials, because our side doesn't have the $ to do them! You see tons of anti-pot disinformation because the US government spends $ Millions to "educate" the public, esp. kids on drugs. If NORML or another group on our side had the $, you'd see the commercials.

    The problem is that there are very few of us in the "establishment", taxpaying voters that will raise our voices to our elected officials. Its one thing to answer a blind poll about your opinion on medical mj, etc. Its another thing to go public and get in Tha Man's face & say: I smoke pot! Leagalize it now! But that's what's got to be done. At the end of the day, our society has to reach a common understanding that pot is not an evil unto itself. I believe a key is that our movement needs to learn from the strides that have been made by the gay community.

    BTW, NORML is a great organization, they do an incredible amount of work with very few resouces...lobbying congress, organizing on the grassroots level, advising people busted for growing or posession, educating, etc. If you're not already a member you should be!
  12. im just getting really pissed that we cant do what we want to do, i think when i get a bit older im gunna get a few thousand people to just go up to a police station and start toking up....they cant arrest us all... what are they gunna do.....i dunno, if there is too many people there all they will be able to do is watch...and we could set up games n a party!!

  13. yeah the civil disobedience thing is good for raising the profile of the cause, but if you're a voter, write your congressman & can get info on your representative & their email addresses, as well as pending pot legislation on the NORML website:
  14. one thing that norml has thats cool is you can send a email to your state senator sayin some shit bout the benefits of weed or whatever , if you can get a bunch of friends and family or whoever to email the senator too then who knows what could happen.

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