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Norman, norrrrrrmmmmaaaannnn!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Feb 5, 2003.

  1. Did you see what my beloved and beholden Kentucky Wildcats did to the Florida Gators last night. Can't wait until Kentucky gets hold of them Hawgs!!!
  2. *Bump* for Norman
  3. What's this? Your not a 'Bama man when the sports move to the courts?

    BTW, watch out for them Okla.St. Cowboys! Texas brought them back to earth last weekend, but I see them playing deep into March!

    nuff said.
  5. please tell me you watched the game...

    hometown hero had somethin like 26 points
    we arent doin so hot this year, but hey...we got yall

  6. Come winter time, my heart goes back to my birthplace.

    But when the leaves start to turn brown and a cool crisp breeze hits the air I pull for the teams from the Heart of Dixie (that what it says on the vehicle tag)

    Roll Tide! War Damn Eagle! Go Blazers!

    Norm, good job on them Hawgs last night beating Bama!

  7. Congratulations! Nice recruiting class. Can't wait to see that 6'4" 250 lb JC running back next year at Jordan Hare!
  8. .....

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  9. ROFLMFAO, what the fuck norm, i am reading sports stuff and the next thing i know kermit is fucking a pig. that is some funny shit

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