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  1. Is color change normal in some strains? As in an older plant, closer to flowering... because my plant has been a vibrant green with a lime green on the inner part... I look this morning and see to it that the tips of the new growth are now a dark blackish bluish tint but is completely healthy and not lacking anything.. topped the soil with some happy frog soil.. fed the sensi grow.. I got the watering and everything down.. only difference is that I fed it Superthrive earlier in the week.. I'm wondering if it's that?I'm definitely not complaining, just want an explanation so that I can continue this method on...

    Superthrive is just vitamins and kelp meal..

    This plants seed I got off a street bag, Yoda OG.. it was some fire nonetheless

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  2. looks like a reveg to me/
  3. Lol what? It's never left veg...
  4. I don't see any abnormal color changes with the pictures you posted.
  5. Then why does the top plant throw three leafs?
  6. your plant looks healthy. it does not look like it has any type of tint
  7. It's only some leaves, I'm not sure why.. probably genetics or something... but everything is fine with it.. here's from today

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  9. Did you put something on the leaves? Look closely at them, I zoomed in and it looks like spider mite damage. Get a real close up pic
  10. It is damage.. also debris from a tree nearby and dust, it's monsoon season.. dirt+rain

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