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Normal yellowing or nutrient lock?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by baltik, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. I am through week 6.5 since I flipped to 12/12 and the plant on the left is rapidly yellowing. It's a Blue dream strain under a 150w hps, soil grow using Fox Farm nutes and soil, I've tried to add extra Grow big to add Nitrogen and Magnesium but tough to tell if this has had any positive impact. I know it's somewhat normal to have the plant yellow late in flowering but want to make sure she has enough nutes for another 2-3 weeks...

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  2. You know I've been having the same problem and I'm no expert, but what's the estimated flower time for Blue Dream? Your buds look phenomenal, so I wouldn't worry too much. Could be that the Blue Dream is a heavy N feeder, in which case you did the right thing. But either way I don't think the veg nutes will hurt it. I don't have FF nutes but I've been looking at the specs. The tiger bloom does have some N, but the concentrations are low in the Grow Big too, so if you're overfeeding it's not by much. Can you flush with your set up?

    Just wondering -- what size is that tent and how many plants are in there? What distance is the light from the canopy? Fabulous grow!

  3. looks like normal yellowing,my power skunk strted the same at 7 weeks in.
    buds are looking good.

  4. I second this. The yellowing is completely normal for flowering plants, the plant uses nutrients stored in fan leaves to produce the buds. Just like any other plant during the fall season, leaves will often yellow and die off.
  5. remember your plant is thinking winter is coming and wen winter dos come out side the leafs on the trees go yellow and fall off well that's whats happening with your plant except it will not grow back next year so all is good with your plant my friend
  6. Thanks for the reassurance everyone, I do think I found my problem, I didn't realize how acidic Tiger bloom is, I just assumed the nutes were neutral so I ph balanced my water then added the nutes not realizing the mix was super acidic..

    I don't have a great way to flush since the plants are tangled in a scrog - I'll just just correct future feedings and hopefully things fix themselves..

    -vashigopal: Blue dream is a 9-10 week flowering period according to this: WeedBay.Net - 1000 types of marijuana strains | Medical Marijuana Card | Medical Marijuana NEWS | medical marijuana coop club dispensary map - Strains - Blue Dream

    the tent is a 2'x2' secret jardin with 2 plants (the other plant is OG kush and has been battling PM), this is my first grow ever so I am learning on the job.. mixed results so far
  7. You always add the nutes then adjust the ph. Best to add the nutes let sit for a hour or, so and then ph adjust. Yoy really need to check the ph of the runoff and adjust the water/solution at your next watering.....
  8. makes sense, it's just that Fox farms makes a big deal about their products being PH balanced (FFOF etc) i would have assumed they would have posted a big label on Tiger bloom as a heads up... oh well live and learn
  9. I dont know thats a lot of yellow for normal yellowing. I think it is a nute problem, why dont you just try water at the right ph for 1 -2 more waterings. And I think when you get some yellow in your plants its in your bottom sets and this looks like it got your whole bottom and a little more.
  10. How's it growin', Baltik? I see a CFL in the picture -- are you using CFLs in addition to the HPS?

    On foxfarm's website they say about Tiger Bloom:
    "The low pH keeps it stable and ensures that the micronutrients will be available when plants need them."

    They really should put that on the bottle! What was the pH of your soil or runoff?

    Next grow I'm going to put an unabridged dictionary under the plant so I'll be able to flush and siphon off the runoff. I'd do it now but I might chop any day so I don't know if there's any point in flushing.

    I wonder if you could find some 2 x 2 short plastic containers for your tent. One to catch the runoff and the other (upside down) to prop up the whole deal so you could siphon the runoff. The scrog seems to be working really well for you. Very impressive, especially for a first grow!
  11. looks like you had a nute problem then you you over did with the nutes to fix . how do you flush your plants for the last two weeks before harvest . other then that them buds look great. sucks i cant get blue dream where im at hear its a great strain but you can only get it in clone.
  12. Flush and be a little easier on nutrients, although the yellowing looks normal as everything else looks healthy!!
  13. the yellowing seems to have stabilized now that I am PH balancing my nutes correctly, I am using 2 CFLs to supplement my HPS although not sure if I need them, found them on sale for $10 so more of insurance than anything else. Going to pull the OG kush tomorrow, trichs getting cloudy but not amber enough but I am starting to lose my battle with powdery mildew so going to cut my losses.. will be lucky to salvage 1/3rd of a normal yield. Thankfully the blu dream is going very strong I've only spotted 2 small spots of PM so she is proving to be very resilient. The plan is to pull it on the 23rd or so but we'll see how that goes.

    In terms of flushing... I am just going to take nutes to half or 3rd strength in the last week. It's not really practical to flush given the SCROG and after reading this thread I am not sure it's necesarry
    Check out this info I found about NOT flushing, that's right, NOT flushing.

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