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Normal to get high the first time???

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Seanana, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. Just a quick post, I keep hearing all these people saying, "You won't get high your first time." But I remember feeling blazed my first time. Anyone else have a similar experience???
  2. I've heard the same, but I got very high the first time I smoked. We had a beer can pipe(with a carb lol) and some actually green mexican weed. i coughed almost immediately and then was trashed.
  3. i was high my first time, but not as high as i got my second time. But i smoked about two blunts my first time and only one my second time. It was weird.
  4. I don't understand why people don't get high their first time.
  5. They don't inhale.

  6. Haha. Well then I never understood why people can't inhale.
  7. i got high my first time, in fact on i scale of 1-10 (1 being buzz 10 being on mars) i would rate the high around 15
  8. Yeah me to. I remember being super hungry and not being able to eat cause I was laughing so hard. Second time was horrible for me. Lol :smoke:
  9. lol i coundlt stop laughing and i ate like everything in the kitchen xD
  10. I got high as shit the first time I ever smoked. It was with a bong, too, so that probably helped.

    But yeah, I spent the whole night thinking I was in the Matrix. That everything I was seeing wasn't real; that my actual body was somewhere else.

    Good memories. There's nothing like experiencing your first high. :smoke:
  11. i inhaled my first time and didnt get high. I think it may be because your body isnt used to gettnig high yet. The first day i toked and inhale, didnt get high. Second day did the exact same thing and got high
  12. Maybe because other people don't realize they're high as hell because they don't know the right feeeling of it yet, My first time I got really sky high I was literally dying of laughter but my other friend said he doesn't feel anything, weird.
  13. I got FUCKED up the first time I ever smoked. It's different for everyone. Some people say you don't get high your first time because you don't realize you're high because you don't know what it supposed to feel like...but I beg to differ.

  14. Haha same here. Smoked out of a MONSTER can, coughed a shit ton, walked about another half mile and was like "Can we smoke again?" to my best friend who introduced me. Been tokin' ever since :smoke:.
  15. I smoked out of a steamroller my first time, didnt get high, and i did inhale because i was smoking cigarettes already, at 14
  16. Usually the people who don't get high the first time don't inhale properly.

  17. I gotta beg to differ. I didn't get high my first time and a big stoner introduced me. I was doing everything right, especially inhaling. I just think it affects people differently. There's plenty of people who say it took them a while before they felt it. Took me about 3 times before I was actually high

    But man, do I remember it :D:hippie:
  18. This happend to my friend when i smoked with him... It was wierd, we were smoking out of my little purple pipe and i gave him greens the first 3 bowls. He knew how to inhale and everything and i made sure he was taking huge rips, he didn't even cough, and was barley high. But the wierd thing was that he was super hungry, had cotton mouth, and whatever. But wasnt blazed like i was.:rolleyes:
  19. I didn't get high the first time as some of the others have said. Here is my story... Grew up in a small Western PA town where everyone drank, hardly anyone smoked bud and if you did you were the lowest of the low. Moved to New Jersey at 17 and made some new friends. They ALL smoked but to me it was like DRUGS MAN BAD! I did smoke cigarettes (knew how to inhale) and drink but I held out for like 9 months until one night I told my buddy Matt... "Ok man. Tonight is the night. I'm smoking..." We went to a party and Matt snagged this guy's quarter of green bud and we smoked the entire fucking thing. I didn't feel shit and was extremely disappointed. The next night Matt came over again with a little bit of bud in a film canister. After three hits I sat down for a minute before heading to my volleyball game at the Mormon church (I'm not Mormon but they had hot girls). After about 10 minutes I realized and commented "I need to go to my volleyball game but I can't get out of this chair!". So I am one of the people who didn't get high the first time... don't know why but the second time (next night) knocked my socks off and I pretty much quit drinking on the spot.
  20. Why doesn't this forking editor recognize line breaks? I did not type the above post in one paragraph. Grrrrrrrrr!

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