Normal planting?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Alex_09, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. I got some dank stuff and found about 20 seeds in a zip... I dropped like 7 :smoke: but I am wondering if I just planted them in my garden and watered them correctly, would they grow alright, OR could I just put a lamp focussed on them in tiny pots, my friend showed me pictures of his plant that he just focused a lamp on while he was at school and it looked fine to me... probably schwag but still.. I just wanna learn.
    So what do you guys think? I cant afford to get a lot of fertilizers or real lamps and stuff...
  2. If its warm and the right condtions in your area with a lot of sun. Then try growing outside but make sure you read up first. If the conditions arnt right then you will have to send $ and grow inside.
  3. Oh thanks, well do you think, theoretically, a normal light that has a cover so that it can focus on one plant at a time, could make the plant grow?
  4. Cmon, spend $100 and get a HPS light. A table lamp bulb doesnt have enough light and watts for a plant to grow good at all. Blacklights or heatlamps will not work either.
  5. Ok well Ill just read up on outdoor growing.

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