Normal or is there an issue?

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  1. Day 30 of flower. Running Mr Bs Green Trees. It’s an organic dry amendment. Using ocean forest soil.

    I’m top dressing/feeding frequently. So I’m obviously not flushing but the leaves are “falling out” like I am. Is this normal so early in flower or do I need to feed them heavier?

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  2. Looks like autmning to me. Its signaling the plant headed towards the finish line. What I've read in various places says that this is generally normal and varies strain to strain. This also applies to self defoliation. I could be wrong but it's my opinion.

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  3. I'm assuming you are talking about leaf color and not leaves falling off of the plant.
    This can be because of low night temperature, or simply because of genetics.
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  4. that could be a problem.
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  5. MR Bs recommends every 7-10 days.
  6. I haven’t experienced leaves fading like this until day 50+ of flower and during the flush. I still have a lot to learn. Thanks for the input!

  7. it's easy to understand how one might be misled by a product label. they are, in part, designed to get the customer to burn through the content so they buy more. if you follow any of the many recommended soil and nutrient mix recipes herein at most you would only need to top dress at most on 30 day intervals with any amendment. mr b's is a complete fertilizer so top dressing "frequently" with it could potentially lead to some problems; ph swings, over fertilization, chemical mish mash.

    that's my experience.
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  8. I think what you’re saying true for a lot of nutrients.. but not mr bs. A 40 lb bucket is 100-130 bucks depending where you get it. And I’m top dressing 1.5 tablespoons every week. So yeah.. mr bs is really trying to make me buy more nutrients ever two years.. shame on them.

    When compared to other nutrients, like Gaia green, they call for way more nutrients each top dress. 1.5 tablespoons vs half a cup... 30 day intervals make more sense for them.

    I grew these plants from seed. 60 days veg. 30 days flower. Top dressing weekly. And besides the plants looking beautiful.. there are zero issues. Nobody was able to tell me there was an issue, at least. I’m actually going to increase the dose until I see any signs of nutrient burn or stress and adjust down a little.
  9. I'm just looking at the manufacturer website, I don't think this product is even organic. Actually, I'm pretty sure it isn't organic as a few of their products explicitly say they have synthetic fertilizer included. They do a really cute job of trying to mask their product to appear organic though, which is very common in the cannabis fertilizer industry and I'm pretty sure this product was created specifically for this market, don't expect to get good value for your money on products like this.
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  10. great! let us know how that works out for ya.

    may you have many bountiful harvests! cheers!
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  11. Looking at Mr. Bs website I can't even figure out which product you are using (based on your description).

    This was my first thought.

    I agree.
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  12. If that’s what you think I suggest you put on your glasses and read their site again. They have a line with an added “boost.” The product line without the “boost” added to it, growth and bloom, is 100% organic and if you read the ingredients label, which is very easy to find on their site, you’d see that what I’m saying is correct. You really shouldn’t be talking down products when your very clearly didn’t put too much time into reading about them.
  13. If you agree with what the other guy say about them saying they’re organic but think they aren’t.. then you too are talking about a product have put no effort into learning about. This is a huge problem on this site.. people talk out of their ass way too much.
  14. First pic is the label for growth. Second is for bloom. Can you please tell me which ingredient is making you think that this product isn’t organic?

    Like I said.. they have these two products and an added “boost” in it. Which is why they call it their “boost” line. Very simple stuff here man. And even with some added urea does that really make their boost line non organic? Really doubtful..

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  15. The fact that it doesn't say its organic. Actually the word "Organic" doesnt even appear once on their whole website, You can be 100% sure if it was organic they would have advertized it as such.
    Their granular fertilizer line explicitly says it incorporates synthetic fertilizer.

    In the end this is your garden you can choose to use any fertilizer you want.
    I'm just trying to inform you that the product you are using most likely does not meet the requirments for organic gardening, and quit frankly uses sub paringredients (like bloodmeal, feathermeal and Langbeinite) in it mix. For the same price you could buy a #50 bag of kelp meal and other amendments to use as fertilizer which will be of better value, quality and last you much longer.
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  16. I provided honest feedback based on the information you provided and the information provided on the manufacturers website. My conclusion is that the manufacturer is less than transparent, and I would not use Mr Bs Green Trees products in my garden.

    For that honest feedback I get slammed for "talking out my ass".

    Best of luck with your garden.
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  17. And you shouldn't try to troll hydro growers pretending you know what your talking about
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