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normal joints vs fatties

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by g12231dfa1, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. I need to settle a debate between me and my girlfriend about joint size. I purchased 2grams of some very nice quality Kush from a friends dealer ($25) :hello: pretty good deal if i say so myself, but back to the disagreement at hand. I was at my girlfriends and we usually smoke from her bong, but I felt like smoking a joint so I begin rolling one for us. When i completed rolling one beautiful joint; I presented it to her and she began laughing and said it was too small. I could have made it bigger, but I think it's pointless- especially with such good quality weed. She argues that the fatter the better regardless which I disagree with, I think it's wasteful in the long run. She does smoke A LOT more than me though, and I think she has a higher tolerance. After 2-3 bong rips I'm usually toasted, but she can easily do 5-6 rips per sesh... I'm 19 and she's 17 and has also been smoking MUCH longer than I have. Also don't preach to me about not putting quality weed in glass I know it's better, but as I said joints are just my preference. ;)

    Unfortunately I don't have pictures because it didn't occur to me that I may be posting this on GC (mostly out of boredom.) but i would estimate the joint contained between .2g-.3g of the kush probably leaning more toward .2gs.

    So is it wasteful to roll, "Fat" joints? :smoke:
  2. .2 is pretty weak for 2 people. I go at least .5 for myself and .7 for a group of 2 or more. I also prefer joints but a bong rip is great too. But fat all day.
  3. Personally, i like smaller joints. The fatter it is the more burns at one time so you can end up wasting more weed. If you want to get higher just roll a second joint.

    On an unrelated note, this made me laugh pretty hard.

  4. Yeah I just rolled one of my normal joints that I'd roll for myself and really didn't take into account that it was for two people. Maybe I can get away with small joints because my tolerance is very low. I'll take that into account on future occasions. Thanks!
  5. Fatties for mids, regular size or whatever for top shelf if usually how I roll.
  6. I think that's a waste of a debate, tell your woman "we're high, aren't we? Shutup and clean the kitchen, woman!":cool:

  7. I agree! and also that is pretty funny! :D

    but seriously she says I have a huge cock. :cool:

  8. Lmao we've only been dating a month so I can't domestically abuse her...yet :rolleyes:
  9. Yeah I roll smaller joints than most of my friends but it's because I get high as fuck with a .3 joint because I don't smoke a lot.

  10. Yeah I think it's the same for me but I do smoke quite often I think I should have built up some kind of tolerance by now, but it doesn't seem like I have at all. :confused:
  11. i smoke about 0.5 to 1.0 in a joint usually
  12. I prefer a couple of smaller joints than one fat one. I feel like it gets me higher.
  13. just roll a decent sized one for 2 people maybe .6 - .8g. then proceed woth the love making :D
  14. idk how you even rolled a .2 joint. that was a thin motha fucka. But it makes sense cause joints and blunts make your bud go by fast. When you rolled it was it a perfect cylinder or was it flater. Cause when i roll joints i just try to perfect it to make it look like a cigarette.
  15. It was slightly conical. I used to roll my joints cylindrical, but a lot of people (Including my girl) don't like this so I just roll them in a slightly conical shape. Keeps everyone happy! :smoke:

    This post made me laugh pretty hard.

  16. Rolling an entire fucking gram into one joint is a total waste. You must be smoking some nasty Schwagg. Ick!
  17. 1 gram would fill a 'rillo if its anything good...

    Regardless, I too prefer smaller joints - if I want to get higher I roll another. There's less resin getting all over the roach in a small joint than a fattie - tastes better all the way through. I don't really consider .5g to be a fattie, that's a solid joint good for 2 people, maybe even 3. Even .3 would be good for 2 people.

    If its a party - roll a blunt.
  18. I feel like .2g's would burn out in like 3 seconds
  19. With big joints the bigger the cherry, the hotter the burn. So not only will it burn faster, being at a higher temp, but it will combust more of the THC trapped on the plant material as opposed to vaporizing it off, which is what happens anyways when you smoke. I'd just roll them normal sized. i can roll up a one-hitters worth of bud into a joint thats just about the size of a thick piece of pencil lead, and you get 4 fat rips that don't even taste like paper (rizla silvers ftw) from a ONE HITTERS WORTH.

    Learn to roll joints guys, they are way better than blunts, theres a reason their a classic

    but don't fill them in excess unless they are kings, just roll two
  20. Half a gram is a nice amount. Not too much, but it's still enough to get 2 people high.

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