Normal house fan as exaust fan?

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    Looking for ideas for a grow room with minimal cost..

    Had this idea to use a normal house fan as an extractor, it's pretty silent
    and has two speeds, i took the plastic circle off the front of the wire mesh
    Then i'm left with 3 small screw holes, which i could use to screw the mesh to the grow box.

    The hole on the front of the mesh is about 3 inches.
    So i thought if i cut a 3 inch hole in my grow box i could fit the fan mesh onto
    the hole, would that be enough to extract from the room?
    I suppose i would have some hose on the outside of the hole that goes to an
    ionizer if that would be a good alternative to having a carbon filter?

    I have a fan with one of those turning heads, two speeds on the stand.
    I dislocated the neck and cut the wires then slipped the plastic neck off.
    So now I have a fan with a controller instead of a fan on a stand that turns.




    You can see in the 3rd image the 3 screw holes left on the wire guard,
    I could remove that wire frame/guard but that would be the only way to secure the fan to the grow box.

    And maybe use a fan out of an old computer as the intake?

    I know the fan will be sucking some air right through the interior of the fan which could have moisture.

    Any ideas appreciated, i'm trying to build this with no money or small budget
    Might have to buy a small closet or convert a shelf into the grow box.

    I also thought about taking the wire mesh off and the fan itself and making a tube around the body
    of the fan, have a fan blades inside that, i dunno though, it's still gonna be sucking air out through that motor.

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