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Normal Heart Rate when stoned?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Cosmic Journey, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. I've been smoking for a good while, but was just curious about normal heart rates when high. I notice mine is about 120 bpm when I am high, as opposed to my usual 70-80 bpm when I'm not. Also, it beats quite hard as well, hard enough to where I can feel it, and see it shake my shirt a little bit.

    I was just wondering if that is totally fine. Also, it isn't brought on by anxiety or anything like that. It just goes to 120 bpm when I'm high, simple as that. Is this even cause for worry? I doubt it, but I would like to now how fast your heart can beat while high before it is actually dangerous or a problem. Thanks!
  2. There are many different points of view on increased heartrate when high.

    I've seen it described as no more harmful than exercising, and also described as heart-attack risk-increasing behavior.

    In my opinion, I would only worry about it if I had a genetic predisposition to heart attacks or bad heart health, or if I was already at risk of heart attack for other reasons.
    Also, if you do worry about it, you'll make your heart rate increase from the worry :p

    Hopefully someone with good medical knowledge can chime in. What is undeniable is that smoking cannabis causes a drastic change in body function, which includes temporary elevated heartrate.
  3. Yeah, I don't have any heart conditions or anything, so I'm sure 120 bpm is nothing to worry about.

    But here's a further question: Would, say, taking a walk or something, take that 120bpm I have and bump it up even higher, to something bad? Or would walking, since the heart is already beating fast anyways, not make he heart feel the need to beat any faster?
  4. Mine usually doesn't beat any faster (that i can tell. Not like i have had tests or anything while high) It usually only affects me when i get REALLY baked (somewhere around 3-4 bowls or so)

    Oh and by the way, welcome. Your as new as me :p
  5. increased heart rate is quite normal with me and ive never had a problem with it. most of the time i dont notice it unless im super baked.

    by the way, love your screen name :wave:
  6. Hey my heart gets faster, probably around double so 120-130. I don't realize it unless I lie down, and then I can feel it beating in my legs, arms, and even my stomach. It's a crazy feeling but I really like it! It's like I can feel all the areas my blood is going to...
    and since there are no reported deaths related to cannabis use, I would guess that that means no one has died from a cannabis induced heart attack either. Makes sense to me anyway.
    Hope that helps,
    now where was I...oh yes :smoke:
  7. really? i heard it makes it go high, but mine is maybe in the 90's at max usually just 70-80. just downloaded an app the checks heart rate:D
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    Well I'm not sure if mine is actually double; it seems like it at the time though. I know that when I'm not baked but still high it's around 80 or so because I've checked before. I'll let you know what it gets up to when I'm baked - just give me a few minutes ;)

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