Normal Growth? something dosn't seem right...

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by GrowaPlant, Sep 29, 2010.

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    Something just doesn't seem right... I transplanted a couple days ago but and upgraded my light form cfls to 600 watt hps...
  2. I'm fairly certain this is a heat/humidity issue.

  3. hmm thats what i was thinking when i took another look at it. Can the plant recover from this?
    I brought my light up another foot and a half i think i had that 600 watt hps a tad to close...
    anyone know the optimal distance?
  4. how close is the HPS and what kind of ventilation do you have in there. like the guy says above the problem looks like too much heat. keep the HPS 24 inches away if you dont have good ventilation system
  5. OH GOD IT'S HOT.... PULL UP... PULL UP...

    In my humble opinion I thinks you have a heat issue, maybe a little to close to the sun,,,, A.K.A. "600 watt HPS". Try getting your light a little higher,,, HUH HUH HUH HUH he said get higher, :D Sorry, watching old Bevis and Butthead reruns.

    Just saying...

  6. i had it about 2 feet away but until i get that hood fan my venting wont cut it. i have a good size bathroom fan for my outtake and my intake is from outside but i can't even keep the door shut until i get that fan.. can the plant recover
  7. it should recover if back that light off and you keep doing what you need to be, water, nutes, circulation of air, etc.
  8. maximum distance allowed without the risk of elongated stem?
  9. GrowaPlant,

    It will recover just fine, ya gotta keep the heat down, I would make a run to Home Depot or wally world and get a 9 or 10 inch fan and get some air blowing across the tops. I left the house on an emergency one time and all my plants grew into my T5's and crisped the hell out of the tops and they recovered fine.

  10. personally I recommend getting a cheap little probe thermometer from petco, they cost 7 dollars, have about a two foot cord, easy to prop the probe up at exactly the canopy level with a little piece of wire/plastic so you can know exactly what your canopy temp is at. Made by Zoo Med, it will be in the reptile section.

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