normal for bagseed regs to turn purple?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by boddah94rip, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. Im growin some regs from a bag my friend got awhile ago and the buds are turning purple. Is it possible I have a better strain or do regs turn purple?
  2. it could just be the strain, or the cold weather also will turn them purple and so will stress. Personally i have found in my few years of growing that the plants that do go purple dont get me as high, but they deff have a better flavor IMO.
  3. most the time its cold weather that causes purpling unless the strain is knows for being purple
  4. Like they said, its from the cold weather. Besides, just because its purple doesnt mean its good. Some of the weakest genetics you can buy are purple strains.
  5. one of my plants is growing buds that are black/purple. all of them, and it isnt even that they're turning purple, the buds are just straight purple.
  6. Well if your BUDS are purple, stigmas and all then its most likely genetics. Temps will cause just the leaves to turn a dark amber / purple color becuase of the chlorophyl in the leaves. But if you have nice purple buds as already stated its most likely the genetics, i grew a strain out a few years ago called tuttie fruity which had all purple stigmas and a nice golden color in leaf which looked georgious after it was harvested.
  7. Afghani strains have been know to turn purple
    Not bad herb at all either...

    I have an afghani cross in my garden and shes the only one showing any signs of purple on leaf stems, and pistils
    enjoy it.

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