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Normal 8th in the 919

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by wiebeburnin919, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. Today i picked up an eighth for 15, you thinking dank?

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  2. haha no. no no no no. an 8th of dank for $15? i wish.

    for really good dank i'd say $60 for an eighth.

    a cut of mids is usually $15-20 at least where i live.
  3. not dank, but def. a good deal for 15 an eighth. hell of a deal tbh
  4. Its the same here these are sold as mids but they just look a little too good for mids
  5. looks like some decent raleigh schwag and not a bad price, but i'd bite the bullet and pay the 50-60/cut premium for the top shelf, I can personally attest to the knowledge and skill of several cultivators out there :p
  6. damn. u call that schwag? haha ur prolly used to all the good ass headies out in the mountains
  7. well i guess if i were to use raleigh vernacular i would call it "mids" :p

    i remember a few years back when I was still out there paying 80-100 all day for ounces of fluffy, skunky, fruity smelling "mids" in cola form with very little seeds or popcorn buds...those were the days lol. i can't find schwag out here in the mountains if i even try
  8. yea i feel u man. ive been smoking mids around here for a while. i mean i can get some really good mids for 140 an o. i choose that over headies now which is about 375 -400 for me. headies prices around here is pretty crazy
  9. shit it costs that much out here from the college kids for pretty decent commercial indoor but usually nothing special...gotta grow your own :p
  10. Haha the shwag out here for 40 an 0 is nothing like this at all...
  11. yea i know. but its kinda hard for me to right now. it would be nice if i were out in the country cuz i could grow it pretty easily. yea i know a few ppl around ur area. wish i could get some headies from around ur part. i heard yall got some real killer chronic over there
  12. Exactly why im planning on going to App State..:hello:
  13. nice! im sure u wont have any problems finding some great nugget
  14. Pretty good price for Raleigh imo.

    Nothing compared quality wise to dank, but you get what you pay for. And you definitely got more than what you paid more. :D
  15. Thanks man this ones for you!:bongin:
  16. 20 = 1/8th usually for me in the 919..
  17. I'd just get a ounce of that stuff for like 100 and roll swishas day and night.
  18. That is how its done my friend...
  19. that's not dan k my man, but shiiit... I'd smoke, and certainly for 15 bucks an 8er... Good pickup man! Enjoy! :smoke:

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