Noribachi Full-Spectrum LED Grow Lights

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    Hey everyone. Been awhile but I have a pressing question. Has anybody heard of, or better yet used this companies LED grow lights. I've done nearly 100 hours of research on my best options for a high power output, low draw, high quality USA made grow lights and this one made it down to my top 5.

    Any insight would be awesome. Happy growing!

    Here is a link to the light. I called them personally today and drilled the guy with questions. Also notable they are made with CreE LEDs and Meanwell drivers. 5 year warranty.

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  2. 140 L/W is not bad, looks like a solid light. Quantum Boards and Samsung F series strips are pushing 160/W with better CRI. May wish to do some research on them.

    What were your other 4 ?
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  3. Timber DIY vero29, apache tech at600, grow evolution 343 bud boss, and tasty led t22-300/90. After doing further research I think I am going to purchase 4 of the tasty leds.
    They look to be the most efficient, most specialized to flower cannabis, have the highest quality materials/warranty, and are made is USA. The flowering footprint is 2x2 while achieving the max flower PAR of 1300+ on average over the entire space. so I figure with 4 of them I can provide 4x4' grow area with too much PAR but a 6x6' area should have more than sufficient PAR for me to break 2gpw.
    (Side note owner of Tasty LED believes 3-4gpw are achievable under optimal growing conditions.)

    The total output is around 430w for the 4 fixtures, so if I can get 2gpw (I get .5 to 1gpw with HPS with temps regularly getting out of hand) that's roughly 860 grams or nearly 31oz of dried product for a 6x6 area.

    Lastly the price for all of this is around $1400 so between the energy savings and the increased GPW I expect, it seems these lights will have paid for themselves in a grow or two.

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  4. I am down with Tasty and Timber, Pay attention to Horticultural Lighting Group and the whole Quantum Board thing, they are the best hands down.
    As for those GPW numbers, really if you pull 2 gpw you are doing well. I like Tasty but thats not something they should be telling people. Just marketing BS and then they cover their ass by qualifying with "ideal conditions".

    Affordable LED Lighting for Growers and Makers | Rapid LED
    Timber Grow Lights
    Horticulture Lighting Group Premium LED Grow Lights for Agriculture
    Shenzhen KingBrite Electronics Co., Ltd. - Cree led,Bridgelux led
    Cutter Electronics Home Page – DIY kits and accessories
    Tasty LED: quality LED grow lights COB LED growlights Canada (Canada)

    Drivers/Heatsinks etc.
  5. Thanks for the info! Also I have been looking into the black diamond perfect sun. Says it's made with bridgeilux and cree led but after some digging found that the drivers are made "in house" but have less that 1% defect rate(these numbers based off of ? Number of units sold)

    I actually have 3 of the 260w DIY kits from Horticulture lighting group in my cart as well. Haven't been able to cross them off. Do you have any expierence with them? And do they only have 1 year warranry?

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  6. AFOAF says Noribachi are excellent for veg but about even with similar hps in flower. No cooling fans mean nothing to break, a plus. Philips 315 cmh best flowering light EVER! Unbeatable penetration and essential oil production. The only light that has lived up to the hype.
  7. No I don't prefer Noribachi Full spectrum led grow lights.
    I always read forums and take suggestions from expert growers.
    According to them, finding best full spectrum led grow lights is very hard. You need to be clear about your goal and use.
    So for growing weed, I have bought grow lights from here Top 15 Best Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights Reviews 2018
  8. It looks like a decent light but I'm not sure it's worth it. Obviously they are trying to get rid of them with a 50% price cut. Better options have come underway.
  9. I am using Viparspectra PAR450 that is totaly worth.
  10. As far as cheap Chinese LED's go, the Viparspectra is pretty good. I needed a second LED for a small stealth grow and was very surprised at the results.

    It holds easily with my quality LED'S, has UV and IR, Low power intake, output high enough to cause light toxicity if you're not careful with placement. My plant loves it.

    Only drawback is the fan noise. Replaced the fans with BeQuiet fans (PC fans)

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  11. Yes, It's good. I will implement your suggestion of PC's Fan.

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