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Norcali's Grapefruit Grow

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by Norcali, May 22, 2010.

  1. That is one weird start Cali man.

    Why didn't you amend the soil? Time constraints? Laziness :p? I was draggin' ass putting things back together myself :).

    Gotta watch those falling CFL's bruh! That same CFL front rolled over this way not too long ago! Didn't hit anything though.

    Never heard of putting seedings under 12/12 :confused:. Can't wait to see the outcome of this round.

    What's up with the issues with the second round man? Is that like a first timer stigma or something?
    I'm pullin' for ya homie!!! Sorry I can't give any insight. I just don't understand why they say soil is easier. Maybe the soil was too rich or something. PH balancing in soil seems like a challenge.

    Good luck always Cali man!!!!
  2. Dolomite in the FFOF keeps the pH in check, i did a read off of run off and its hovering at 6.41 ish. High, but nothing crazy high. I have been feeding them 6.3 water, prolly go straight down to 6.0 or something next watering.

    Starting them under 12/12 is supposed to make for a much smaller plant, and a lot of growers use this technique out of laziness or impatience. I'm just hoping for a smaller plant due to grapefruit's sativa genetics. Not amending the soil was from laziness, I only flushed it with a few gals of 1/4 strength 5-1-1 and 0-10-10 with some magi-cal (magnesium/calcium and other mineral supplement). I didn't want to go back to 24/0, but I don't want to continue with 12/12 until the little princess's are all full strength.
  3. Light: 18/6
    Temp: 81*F;72*F
    Run-off pH reading:
    (using 6.2ph Distilled water; +/-.02)
    Current feeding: superthrive, magical, 6.05pH

    Hey guys, a little update. Found my problem. When using digital pH meters, please store in the proper storage solutions, and test using a 2pt. calibration. Long story short, I was not treating my equipment with respect and it was off by about -.30. You can see where my previous "reading of 6.3" for plant #3 was off, and thusly plant #3 is a sickly plant. The plants health corresponds directly to its physical health as the pH level drops. I think probably the 12/12 from start was added stress and compounded the problem. Quite the lesson, especially considering my next project, the switch to hydro. Kinda neat to see the importance of pH levels displayed so clearly in my garden :):hello:

    Lesson learned, on to the next one!

    Plant #1
    Plant #2
    num 2.jpg
    Plant #3
    num 3.jpg
    Plant #4
  4. Dont know what type of ph tester you have but I have a hanna digi combo tester and I was storing it in the 7.01 storage solution and the calibration went off. apparently Ive learned that you should store it in alternating solutions ie:7.01 this time then 4.01 the next use. Since doing this I have not lost calibration. :D Dont know if this info helps but it sure helped me!:D
  5. Lookin good norcali ive got a couple little sprouts under 12/12 now so ive got your back on smaller plants and yeild haha. Ive heard a lot of bad things about going 12/12 from seed, but then again ive read many stories and seen many examples where that process can give you a decent yeild for just one schedule. Oh well it looks good anyhow, keep it up:smoking:
  6. LOL I have a hannah combo pH & EC, and was storing in 7.01 as well.:p Lesson learned huh. I got some 4.01, re-calibrated, and got some proper storage solution.

    Thanks for the kind word guys!:hello:
  7. I have the exact same one. Or you CAN use the 4.01 and 7.01, alternating w/ each use, which is what Ive done. works great. Saves you from buying the storage solution? Nice unit tho. I like mine.
  8. update in a few hours. Good stuff happening :wave:
  9. #49 Norcali, Jun 28, 2010
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    K blades and bladies, just a short photo-update. Everyone took well to the pH adjustment at feedings, and they got their first real dose of food: 450ppm for bio blizz 1-2-2 bloom, with 5-1-1 fish emulsion from alaska fert, a few drops of superthrive and .5tsp of cal/mag. Everyone took it well, except one who had some burn damage, though they all have a little yellow tips. Can't get it perfect everytime :confused_2:

    Plant 1 ~ Green, recent growth spurt. Still small, but growing quick:D
    plant 1.jpg
    Plant 2 ~ Best recovery. Lost about 15% of her leaf tip from the feeding, otherwise very green.
    Plant 3 ~ Auto. Showing pistols, its busy being an auto. My first and probably last.
    Plant 4 ~ Short stuff. She is short and squat and so compact it still has me thinking its a really distinct indica pheno, or its genetic mutant.

    Thats all for now. Just walking that road to recovery. They are back on 12/12 after 24/0 for about 4 days (as long as it took for green to return to yellowing leafs). Hopefully we get a big spurt in the coming weeks.
  10. Sup Cali. How many autos are you growing?

    Nice job takin' care of the little ones bruh!
  11. Plant Number 3 is the only auto. It's a dinafem too, they have a little reputation online for being difficult (herming etc). Showing pistols this early I am a little worried she will herm later in flower. We will see.
  12. I'm so jealous of all you people in california....
  13. Hoping on board :) Looking good man!
  14. It's really not that great to live here we just make it look like its wonderful! I'm so full of shit, cause its great here.:D:eek::hello: Just don't live in LA, visit is ok though.

    Glad to have both of yah :smoke:
  15. Agreed on LA...bail on living there, visit...and actually...if you have not evolved up the evolutionary chain far enough to have Teleportation abilities, just don't go to LA, cause driving there is like pulling teeth..LOL

  16. I have traveled the country and the only thing that comes close to LA traffic but on smaller scale is NYC during rush hour in certain Burroughs. But damnit, I grew up in that traffic, and it just sucks :( Never again I say... unless the economy continues its downward spiral and i'm forced to move back for work :mad:.

    Glad to have yah roland!
  17. Yeah, it's really bad man. I live in the Santa Barbara area but have an office in Pasadena as I have to go down there quite often. I leave at 4:30AM so I can beat that shit and even then it's a crap

    Nough Glad i'm on board here :)
  18. HEy Norcali, those little ones look like they are going to be thriving very soon here, great work man;):D.
  19. Always glad to have you and jbyrd around :D

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