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Norcali's Grapefruit Grow

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by Norcali, May 22, 2010.

  1. Good reasearch CALI!! and the C99 from that company IS a true cut from the bros grim C99 original (from the princess88 line and another pheno of the same line in subsequent breedings) that "easy sativa is a god send to a "G" the genetics that company runs are grade A stock all the way. and the Grapefruit you have is the best in the business hands down imho. so in short "subscribed"
  2. almost forgot something CALI, IMO you will not find a strain in TGA that compares to that grapefruit at all, not even close. that grapefruit will be strong, vigorus, and very easy to deal with if any issues should arise. I have played with mant of thier beans and never been even slightly disappointed.
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    Thanks guerilla45! What I was thinking about going with in TGAs line is the c99Xromulan. Haven't heard much about it though.

    Lessismore is the one who turned me on to when I was looking for breeders doing good things with c-99. And this sample smoke backs up everything you want in grapefruit, potent and delicious.

    I'm going to add a little update, so as not to be double postin! Not that there is anything wrong with that :D

    The girls all seem to be doing well. The first grapefruit I germ'd is definitely the slowest of the bunch, while the other two grapefruit are stretching a little, and the ruderalis-grapefruit is showing little mutations already. I really hope I dont have to kill that plant, but it seems its genetics are a little unstable from the research I've done.

    Here yah go, old young and rudi.

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  4. LESS is a friend of mine and a VERY smart breeder his advice will never fail you.
  5. What's up Cali man!
  6. SUP AG! takin it easy today, watching a certain LA basketball team and sippin :bongin:

    yummy Snow White
  7. Doin' the same thing bruh!
    what's on the menu.jpg

    Crazy that Kobe has 2 fouls already...............................that was a sweet steal that just happened!!!!!
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    Yeah. Been a good game thus far, even though Kobe has two fouls though. Im not worried, that guy is madness in the last 2m of 4th quarter :D

    So you need to send me a link to where you got that pipe, I am starting to hope if it has a sister. :smoke: that looks bomb, is that by chance some homegrown allgood? :D

    Edit: ment to include a picture of 'big-foot' (so named, because there is a smaller pipe named 'lil-foot')
  9. love me some grapefruit good choice! got my attention
  10. These plants are getting old... but look so young!:eek: Been kinda lurking for to long, got some toys in, and showing off young girls.

    One issue I might be having is a lil heat stress slowing down the process. I recently purchased a nice big much better hood (sealed for climate control :D)As shown in the pictures, it takes up a lot of head room in my grow space, must keep the girls in check when they start turning into women.:rolleyes:

    Girl numero uno
    El mutante
    This plant had a little injury, lost a leaf during this photo shoot :( But, it grows weird anyways. It's arching like there is light on its side, weird little girl.
  11. Looking good so far, Even el mutante dont look bad!

    Im watching mate
  12. What up what up!!:hello:

    I see you homie, I see you. It's nice to be back in the city again.:smoking:
  13. Oooooh looks who's back look who's back...

    Glad to have you back! I'm hoping you have something super inspiring cooking... or some dank will do to :D
  14. Hey California man! Just cruising right now. I'm out and about with the wife. This new cell is the sheit! I can post on the go now! Enjoy your day!
  15. Haha I just got one of those droid incredibles... im in the same boat now! This thing is AMAZING. Pic update later today :)
  16. Glad you're enjoying that phone. I got this EVO. This droid series of phones are preforming well!

    Look forward to the update!
  17. LOl I bet the wifey hates that phone already:p. She can't get you out of the city now, even when you're on the road!!:eek::D hahahaha
  18. checkin in broseph

  19. Whats crackin homie? I just burnt the last of my grapefruit the other day. It's a shame too, really nice stuff.:smoke:

    I'm certain you'll enjoy:wave:
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    Burned last of mine with some new smokin friends a few weeks back, "So... where is the rest :confused::(" Little do they know in a few months time...

    Guys I am actually having some issues. :mad::confused:Let me start with a little justification of my actions with a thought process, I consider myself a new little blade still, so maybe I am a little ass backwards, or something is wrong.

    I started these seeds with 4 grapefruit, and the automatic from dinafem. One grapefruit didnt make it, due to a catastrophic CFL failure during germination (it fell, made him a crispy little newborn). So, the remaining 3+1 plants were put under 12/12 immediately after all 4 where forming their first leaf set. This was with the intent of growing a strong root system early, and with knowledge that this breed tends to get a little lanky, so many previous grows and even breeder recommendation was around 7-10days of "veg time" then to 12/12, if not 12/12 from seed. I had not really amended the soil (FFOF) from last grow, and one of the FS grapefruit had severely yellowing under leaves. Thinking her soil to be toxic, after her not responding very well to nutrients (less than 1/8 strength alaskan fishbloom 5-1-1 & morbloom 0-10-10 with some superthrive and magi-cal) I transfered her to a new big pot. Still yellow under leaves, now full on yellow, all green is gone. No burning though. So i flush her. Nothing. wait 5 days. Flush again. and here we are. There seems to be SOME green coming in on one of the yellow leafs, ill be holding my breath for the next few days. I know drainage isn't an issue, as well as over/under watering shouldn't be it either. pH at waterings ranged from 6.3 to 6.5, haven't measured run off, but am now thinking that could be a big indicator.

    Also, growth across the board is really really slow, but I am attributing that to the 12/12, as when I transfered the other three young ladies, they all had excellent little root systems roaring and ready to go. I am throwing them under 24/0 for 5-7 days until they are settled and start to show new growth, then I hope to put them back to 12/12 and to hopefully start flowering process.

    This has been one weird start to these plants thus far. So different than the snow white and Northern lights.:eek: Here are some pics.

    All four, back row center is the problem child
    Close up
    Close up of one of the small healthy girls, it looks yellow on bottom leaf set, but it's still good :)

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