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NorCal Medical Hashish - DANK!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Snyder24, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. So I had this tested by Halient Labs and Green Style Growers and it came out at 55.13%, just a sprinkle of this hash and no matter what bud you're smoking - you're gonna have fun!

    Energetic, speedy buzz. Sweet fruity taste!

  2. I'm no hash expert, but that kind of looks like smushed coacoa puffs. Does it taste like chocolate? :p
  3. Nah i wish! Its actually pretty sweet and fruity, like fruit loops! ;)
  4. that looks bomb!
  5. nice looks like honey bud
  6. It is amazing! Most of the medical bud in Cali here is the BEST!

    I got the 3 grams of hash in the pic for $80, so about $27/g

    and I got 1g of honey oil for $25/g.

    Very fair prices =)
  7. i thought concentrates in cali would b cheaper but iduno im jus saying not trying to hate.
    but nonetheless one bowl or two and ur baked
    55% dam!
  8. Yeah I don't even bother loading a full sized bowl. I have a mini-bowl that I use, and I put 3/4 bud and 1/4 hash (kind of like dressing on a salad).

    My bowl is only about the size of a dime though, so for getting blazed on that amount, it's a good deal.

    Concentrates tend to be more expensive because 1g of hash or hashoil, takes aLOT more bud to make than 1g and at $40 an eighth, it's understandable =).

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