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NorCal Growers Respect Thread

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by Gold Hill Ganga, Jan 27, 2013.

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  1. Good morning NorCal

    Hope you like this video

  2. Try serenade. Use it as a foiler and also water it into soil pm is systemic
  3. I dont like neem oil to hard on plants leaves heavy thick film and stinks like shit.
  4. I'm in the east bay too...last year I put out in April but I'm thinking the first week of may this year
  5. Back on the pm talk from last night, I forgot to post milk and water work for me in the past. You can hault the spread of pm. You will just need to be on top of the upkeep.

    Also some people claim neem is only a pesticide. But, I have seen it work to hault the spread of pm. But, interesting you think you got it from using foliar neem.

    Thing is if that is a plant that you plan to have outside, I would scrap it now before it spreads and attacks the garden.
  6. You just have to dilute it correctly. I dilute it A LOT.
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    Mights can be eradicated pretty easy if the plants are still in veg. Make a solution in a container big enough to dip the whole plant in and do it every day for a week. If plants show to much stress give a day break in between dipping and wash with plane water. If you have a fogger like I do they work even better then dip because of water retention on leaf.
  8. Most brands are not very water soluble. Plus I grow in a greenhouse and dont like rubbing against that shit all year. I can smell it from a mile away. I do use it but only as last resort
  9. Morning NorCal:wave:

    yeah i was thinking this as well.. sour d, or at least ecsd, is super stretchy and twigy with almost no leaf to bud// sticky's does seem to have the chunky calyx sour strait but there is lots of leaf... almost looks like a chem sour or ogsour... regardless of that it looks killer sticky!
  10. I agree ;)
  11. I hear ya, I am trying the neem cake this year and don't use oils that often. I do keep it handy though. You can dilute it, I will explain how later. But, I gotta run!
  12. You know what works even better than just plain milk? Take some milk and put plain uncooked rice in it and give it a shake for a minute. Then dump out the rice and keep the milk for a could days until the solids seperate from the liquids. Scoop off the solids and dump the liquid into a spay bottle with water. Use that to spray the plants and PM will be history. It's called lacto bacticius or something like that. Not sure on the spelling.
    Neem is an organic pesticide AND fungicide. That's what why it works on PM. Handy dandy stuff.
  13. Nice post. I hope this goes without saying but the key to getting rid of pm or anything for that matter is prevention.. don't wait until you actually have a problem.. spray before anything goes wrong
  14. ribavirin and adenine these have eradicated tmv. Lets look into it
  15. I did. I put her in quarantine and going to try a few things to see what might work.
  16. Trying to figure her out. She hasn't seemed to do much in the last week. I have her at 67 days right now but that's since 12/12
  17. Not sure about stickies but mine is a heavy feeder
  18. If you use milk an water make sure to use FAT FREE or skim milk ;) that's worked for me in the past. I used on my outdoor never on indoor. Mighty wash works too. It's the high alkaline water that kills the spores, anything over 8ph. Baking soda and water works too or just using PHup to make a high alkaline solution...
    PM became big in 1996 in Oregon and Washington attacking crops of hops and them migrating its way down the west coast effecting cannabis plants that are also susceptible to PM. They tried to quarantine it as much as possible but we still get it :( UVC lights are getmicidal and added to an indoor garden helps kill any airborne fungal spores that pass under it. Spiking the temps up to 90f-100f quickly kills all PM spores too, but could be dangerous if not done properly. Sulfur is another way of controlling PM. They use to sell sulfur candles you could just burn in your room during cleaning time after all your plants are out to kill any and all spores but I think they are illegal in Cali now cuz I can't find them anymore. Elemental sulfur can be used in burners if you can find that at a low dose u can use during growing to prevent PM. Making ur own fungicidal sprays using one of the following will help control PM cinnamon oil or tea, copper, garlic, hydrogen peroxide, fat free milk, neem oil, or vinegar. Alternating these works best ;) the bacterium bacillus subtilis strain is in the brand name serenade its safe for humans and animals but highly detrimental to fungi when used weekly it puts PM in remission this is probably you best bet to use for control and prevention... I've battled this shit tons of times and have done so much research and everything I've listed above has worked for me. Hope this helps ;)
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    Im about to order a plant tissue culture kit but im not sure this gets rid of tmv? Im looking to strengthen up my strains and im worried about tmv. Im pretty sure I got it in a prized strain and im the only one thst has it ghat I know of. Its a x between bubba kush and bumble berry I call it bubba berry been keeping me and many many people happy for last 5 years. If anyone has any experience with tissue culture or knows anyone that does point me in the right direction please. I have the funds and some time im self employed to experiment. Anything I learn I will share and teach. Lets (gc) get the strongest bestest genetics we can and spread the knowledge. Any info is greatly appreciated
  20. Ive also used super oxy. No not the pill 30% hydrogen peroxide diluted with fructose sugar I think it was
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