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NorCal Growers Respect Thread

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by Gold Hill Ganga, Jan 27, 2013.

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  1. Yep they look the same here's my two girls vegging about 2 ft tall in #2 smarties



  2. I think it was me
  3. got my 20 pound bag of ice for the bubblehash and couple bottles 91% iso for the quiso and a 6 pack of great white, should be a fine afternoon in norcall.. caseyconcentrates..
  4. Which one were you interested in? I always wanted to do ATF but cant find seeds of it anymore.
  5. Purple nightmare
  6. Fuckin drones already flyin over head!!!!

  7. Big brother is watching you:rolleyes: I would just wave keep watering my plants had chopper fly over last year. They ccount your plants and leave.
  8. Goodmorning everyone. Was pumped to wake up this morning and find I fixed most of the problems with my clones with a $28 fan. Humidity was too high i guess. They almost doubled over night

    Thinking of popping my kens gdp sedes today so i can sex them. Im actually hoping to get a male so i can do some gdp crosses. Anyone that has experience with breeding want to lend me a hand when the time comes?
  9. puddle of blue cheese iso vappin off for a day or so.. stay tuned folks..

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  10. My pup and kitty already gaurding the plants. Back to work 2013 outdoor. Killin it this year IMG_20130309_122420.jpg
  11. caseyjoneshashrun..

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  12. We have choppers flying around here all the time. We had one flying around our nieghborhood last summer and I just kept watering the plants and waved at them.
  13. That looks tasty.
    Some bubble hash I made last night.

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  14. Thinkin of putting my flowering plants outside let em finish up out here .! What do you guys think ? I'm about a week in and Id put em in the dark tent every night
  15. #4835 Sgtstadanko707, Mar 9, 2013
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    I put all my moms out last week. They got a little sun burnt but are doing great now. If it has a chance of getting pretty cold I put the frost covers on them. I am a lot lower in elv though to.
    I do this 1 for some early bud and 2 it makes room for all my veg plants to move from cfl to the 1k hps for veg till 4/20 planting day.

  16. working on a monster hashrun right now..
  17. I am at sea level it doesn't get too bad out here I would just throw em in the tent if it was a cloudy day or a stormy night
  18. the last bag is still draining but this ought to tide me over for the weekend..

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  19. ^^ this is what happens when u smoke to much encino man...
  20. Hahahaha I wasn't tripping hahah for real man
    Now I'm on that bbhb hahaha
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