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Norcal best time to plant outdoors?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by Lowflyer17z, Mar 30, 2011.

  1. Well I got all of my plants vegging and ready to go. But was wondering when the correct time would be to put out my ladies to there final spot. I am in the norcal sac area within 100 miles. What I mean is the ratio of daylight hours is correct. I know storms an definitely affect this also.
  2. We have a chance of showers this weekend, watch the weather reports if we get good weather after this weekend it might be a good time. If your going straight in to the ground I would check the soil temp. If you keep them in pots they will be fine.. The light rain we get will help with the transplant too..
  3. Hmm that sounds good. I might have to try and throw one of my extra ones out to see if any preflowering starts. it's just so nice and warm that I know if there is enough light they would jump off
  4. I would wait until late may, early june.
  5. It all depends on what your doing to. a spring harvest is very possible if the conditions are right..
  6. If I'm not mistaken ground temps will actually stay at a more constant temp as compared to potted plants which can mimic the air temperatures, causing shock and death.

    Its about to be the first of April...that would give less than 4 weeks of flower...if that, then they would force back to veg...so no you couldn't have a spring harvest at this point.
  7. Any thing is possible and I tell you this from experiences and actions.. In the middle of a spring harvest my self... The possibility of them reverting back to a veg state depends on flower time before you set them out 3 weeks wks. For indica Dom strains around this time and they will finish flowering.. If you plan on going more sativa side there a chance of going back to veg. Some times you just got to trial and error..
  8. Spring weather around here can be unpredictable.....I've seen 100 degrees in April and snow the first week of May. To be safe, I would wait until at least mid-May before putting them in the ground. Good luck this season!!
  9. Hi from another local grower. I'm in placer county doing a medical grow. How's your plants looking?
  10. They were doing awesome till that crazy storm came through. So had to rip some preflowering ones out and replace them. But lookin green and healthy
  11. If you haven't already planted your plants in their permanent spot yet you could probably do it now. I'm not that far from you and I planted mine.
  12. The weathers looking great now. My plants are shooting up with all this sun.
  13. Anyone blackout their outdoor plants for a summer harvest? I have some in ground and some in a greenhouse that I just put out last week.
  14. Yeah. My 6 of my clones started flowering early because of the weather so I have been moving them into a tool shed at night to finish them out, and have another batch of seeds and clones going outdoors for a regular october harvest.

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