Nor Cal outdoor gsc, watermelon Zkittlez, eastbay OG, and cement shoes all from pcg

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by 530baykur420, Jul 15, 2019.

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  1. Nice I got their Watermelon, Cement shoes, EBOG, lemonade, and capstone. Also in the 530. When did you plant your GSC? My plants are much smaller than that one. I think because the clones took a long time to harden off outdoors when I put them out June 1.
  2. Some nice plants man. I'm in NorCal as well what company is PCG?
  3. Purple City Genetics out of Oakland CA
  4. I think it's like 8-9weeks old now, I'm not sure I got my receipt around here somewhere lol I'm stoned rn so when I find it I'll be able to tell you for sure. That girl Scout Cookies took off right away, the beds are a mix of Kelloggs organic raised bed soil mixed with perlite and fox farm ocean forest and about a third (bottom stuff) is my homemade compost made from pine shavings chicken shit, grass clippings and apple tree leaves and apples composted for like a year. Also mixed in some tree branches in the bottom for them to break down like that method called hugelkultur or something like that lol. That's the bed on the right side. My left raised bed unfortunately was a little too fresh and hot from the chicken shit not fully composting. Killed one of my EBOG and almost took out 2 others I was able to save but they got stunted big time. That's why the 2 EGOGs are in buckets then bottom chopped and transplanted into the grow bags. The only one in that bed that didn't get too affected was the very end plant(cement shoes). The tomato plant I put in the very front didn't have any problems after I finished filling and mixing enough soil to balance it better.
  5. Ayyy PCg haven’t seen to many ppl repping them that I know I’m growing their dosidos x watermelon skittles im excited and hoping for the best.

    I’m using the feminized seed line anyone have any finished runs from pcg genetics and if so how was it

    Does anyone know if there is any disadvantage using fem seeds in terms of quality nice grow btw
  6. This is my first time growing pcg clones. They are doing excellent IMO the indoor ones are around 4 ft tall (mainly because that's pretty much all the room they had. Been super cropping daily to tame the beasts) and the ones I kept outdoor are between 4 and 6 ft tall with the exception of the gsc which is like 8 ft tall or so. Flowering is heavy and visually noticeable daily. Feel like a kid waiting for the newest gaming system on Christmas morning every day waiting for my lights to come on lol. My outdoor girls are all starting to flower now too. Indoors are Already getting frosty with trichomes. IMG_20190805_101308.jpg IMG_20190805_101424.jpg

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  7. They are filling out a roughly 5x6ft area with only a couple small spaces in two of the corners. The rest is all TOPS ON TOPS ON TOPS! IMG_20190805_101254.jpg

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