nope uhuh fine never again

Discussion in 'General' started by easy rider, Mar 21, 2004.

  1. nope uhuh fine never again :D

    just split bong water on me 2x

    1) why i hate bongs
    2) why i hate bongs in chairs
    3) why i hate bong water

    :( ...yep ben and jerrys chunky monkey all is good. boo-boo fixed :)

    i got my bathrobe and grinch slippers on too so i can just throw that bad boy in the wash ..oh well i still got me slippers :D

    life is good.
  2. you have gotta excuse the LOL........but the grinch slippers seem everso approperate
  3. hahahah.. reminds me of this one time i was taking bong blasts from my old acrylic bong. i was just spaced and maybe 30 mins later i try looking for my bong for another blast. it's on the floor all cracked and water on the floor. LOOOOL. no big damage but i was lucky to sell that bong double speed $14

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