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  1. so all of a sudden i heard ice cream truck music playing, i bolted out the door, and I had missed the ice cream truck :eek:. There's never any ice cream trucks around here thats what makes it so odd...and i missed it!!! argh!

    [edit]: not to mention i haven't bought anything from an ice cream man in probably 10years
  2. rofl.

    we got a icecream man around here who sells drugs out of his icecream truck.

    coke and mids n shit rofl oh man
  3. there was an ice cream man like that back when i lived in ca but he sold crappy weed

    bastard had a box of firecrackers on display but you couldn't buy em from him (illegal in like 99% of CA). his false advertisement infuriated me growing up haha
  4. i saw an ice cream truck when i was walking into a mini i stopped him

    21, stoned, buying a blunt, eating an ice cream cone, and my little brothers standing next to me

    that doesnt explain alot...
  5. lol ice cream man is the best job to slang drugs
  6. where i live, you hear the music for less than a second cuz the asshole drives by so fast. I dont think the neighborhood is THAT bad. i actually waved his ass down a few times and he acts like he doesnt see me

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