Discussion in 'General' started by UCF-Toker, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. i wanted to hit 420 posts ON 4/20:yay:! but i'm too damn addicted to this place :D:gc_rocks:

    you guys are great, and i'm glad i decided to come back and start posting more, sorry if i'm annoyin :hide:
  2. hahaha no worries. if you really want to hit 420 on 420 just read all the posts or something, I'm sure you can hold off posting for 3 days. It'll be worth it ;)
  3. i'm just a little bit above what i was going for....
  4. lol you could delete like 60 some of your own posts if you REALLY wanted to :ey:
  5. haha do it.

    delete your really old ones.
  6. Ha, I'm too far from that to even bother trying. It's alright dude, the thought that counts I guess?
  7. you could go fucking nuts today posting

    no way, its the EFFORT that counts :smoke: get to it
  8. Thats a good idea. I'm going to hit 420 posts on 4/20:D
  9. lol, you're lucky, you're only 10 posts away :p
  10. its officially 420 in california. so far no one on this thread has 420 posts.
    hey whats with the time. it says 12:04 on my taskbar, but 11:52 on the post thingy.

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