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  1. I was with my girl this weekend at her mom's house and this guy, joe, just decides to come by my house, climb through my window and steal ALOT of my shit. Petty theft. He even managed to leave the window (and back door) open. When i got home and noticed everything, i knew immediately who it was, so i walked down the road to his house. His roomate told me that he was at work and that he would be back in like 30 mins. so i went home to smoke a few bowls and wait. About 20 min. later he called my cell practically crying and appologizing. He said he just wanted to wake me up or some shit, but if that was his intention then why come through the window? He told me that he was going to pay me back for my bubbler and grinder that he lost/broke, and the rest of my shit was in a duffle bag on his back porch. I went and got it, but there is still like 60$ of paraphanelia and weed that i will probably never see again. I'd kick his ass, but after he apologized and gave me some of my shit (+ a wooden pipe i've never seen before), i realized it would be wrong because he truley is retarded. Here's a list of everything he took.

    4-piece Grinder
    Ceramic Bong
    Gas mask
    MP3 player
    ALL of my weed and roaches
    Cigarette butts
    About $2 in change
    Stash box

    It's amazing how dumb some people really are.:smoke:
  2. Didnt you post this already? Im more then sure you did

  3. Taking the higher path. That is extremely admirable.

    I'm sorry to hear about your stuff, man. It's a shame when people do dumb stuff like that. :(

  4. yes he did. and he probably will tomorrow.. and the next day... and the next day.. and the next day. and it will all come to an end on August 9th, 2008.
  5. Why the 9th...?

    I've noticed something similar posted before too, must be a variation

  6. It's one day past the 8th, but one day BEFORE the 10th.
  7. I think your on to something! How did I not realise that?! :p
  8. your my new hero
  9. As long as he got me my bong back I Wouldnt be too upset..

    But still I hate when I hear about people stealing weed. Its just wrong.

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