NOOOO not the dank seed!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Vexus, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. Sooo I was really stoned after my first bowl of the supposed jack herer I was smoking (its really dank reguardless of the strain) so I pack my second bowl clearly seeing a round object I continue to smoke it. Finally my brain processes that there is a dank seed in my bowl which I had just lit up a couple time I think I ruined it but I dropped it in a cup of water just in case.. hopefully it germinates haha. :(

    I don't think I heard a pop or crackle so it might still be ok.. any thoughts?

    Also why in the hell is there a seed on this fine dank weed? I mean its really dank.
  2. Sorry to say, but the seed's probably dead :( Anything over 160dF will kill it near instantly.

    You can't expect a grower to take account for each and every speck of pollen ;)
  3. You possitive? :( nooooooooooooooo
  4. Don't feel like you've suffered a loss. There's no way you could be 100% sure of the seeds genetics.
  5. Thanks man however that seed was dank for sure and it beats my mexican brick weed seeds lol!
  6. Bagseed can grow sweet buds. Schwag is nothing but a harvest that didn't have the males seperated, was harvested early, treated badly, and probably sat packaged in a crate in some cartel leader's basement for a few years.
  7. yeah. id bet the seeds dead if you lit it even if it didnt pop...
  8. haha cool :)
  9. yea, dont worry man, i have plenty of dank seeds and plenty of regular seeds.. while i will say that the dank seeds ive planted grew better than the mids seeds, they still grow, and will still produce good plants.

    i do understand the rarity of a dank seed, it took me months to collect just 4 or 5 and now i have like 16 dank seeds ready to be grown. just wait it out, and keep smokin, youll find more dank seeds!
  10. man in 4 years this is the only dank seed I've ever found. :/

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