NOOOO! Leaf got close to heater for few minutes will it heal?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by tjw420, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. I’m an idiot and scooted some of my plants to back of tent wile transplanting a few and one of the ones I transplanted a few days back was a little to close to the heater for a few minutes. Will this leaf perk back up or just shrivel an die from heat exposure? couldn’t have been next to heater for more then 30 min but got messed up pretty bad pretty fast 7721E87A-BF5B-45C7-BADD-8A8B2409C765.jpeg
  2. It won't perk back up but won't be a problem since it is just one leaf.
  3. Damn I suck :( lesson learned.Thanks for responding. I assume just leave it for now then or should I remove the affected leaf
  4. You don’t suck dude, it’s not like you accidentally sat on the plant. That’d be questionable.. It’ll be fine, it’s just one leaf. I’d still leave it on there because it only seems like a part of the leaf got any damage and it can still help the plant catch light, store nutrients and just do leaf shit
  5. Shit happens and you learn from mistakes. But your plant is fine. I’d leave it and see what happens. If the leaf is no good, plant will pull nutrients from I believe.
    If it dies then pluck it off.

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  6. Haha sweet and yea haven’t sat on any yet. thanks for the reply. Just gotta be more vigilant, relax and just let it do its leaf shit I guess
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  7. Thanks for the response I think your right more then 60-70% of the leaf seems fine 96CD5E1C-E817-4D8B-94F6-6375B74D6253.jpeg 10CAA441-158C-4D28-AF01-31B334F42A4D.jpeg just got upset cuz was 100% preventable, but as you said shit happens. And she’ll survive and rest seem to be taking transplant fine as well so lesson definitely learned today thanks again for all the responses C8830407-ABEE-4355-87AE-1AA50309CC25.jpeg

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