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NOOOO!!! broke my first spoon today..:(

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DL7, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. arghhh, loaded up the second bowl of the day and while i was mid smoke, i dropped the spoon and it shattered..:devious:

    i'm not too bummed about it, i've had it maybe 3 months, i'll pick another one up next week.



  2. Hang her up in your room like when a team retires a players number and they hang up their jersey in the raftors
  3. i remember when i broke one of my first spoons after i cleaned it then it slipped and shatterd every where also happend to glass bubble:(r once after cleaning to all good thou past times ima hit my bong rite now
  4. You can buy an even better piece now!
  5. Yeah, I remember a while back I got arrested for something. This was when i was a minor so i was sent to juvenile hall instead of county. The arresting officer new me and was pretty informal with me, he didn't even put cuffs on me until I got to his car. He didn't even search my backpack, he just kind of patted me down and was pretty lax about it. However, when I got to the intake, the staff searched my backpack, found my piece that i didn't even remember was there, and that fucker munoz just threw it away right before my eyes.

  6. lmao, too late, had to get rid of the evidence!!!

    yeah, the sound of the glass shattering was sad as hell :(

    yeah, i'm def looking forward to shopping for one again :hello:

    what're everyones thoughts on the gandalf pipes?? the lady at my local shop said it hits real nice


  7. damn, that's harsh. keep toking! :smoke:
  8. They're really nice, Ihad one for a couple of months a while back. I mean their fragile in the middle, so be very careful, but mine was somewhat affordable ($24) at my LHS and it was about a foot long. it hit great, until I dropped it haha. I highly recommend it though.
  9. Yes Yes Yes. It allows you to blow smoke into little sail boats :smoke:
  10. make sure to give your pipe a proper funeral for all the good times it gave you
  11. better than getting a ticket for the pipe though
  12. To me, a spoon is basically a shitty version of a Gandalf.
    So go Gandalf! but please, no skulls :)
  13. Why does everyone here call them spoons?!
  14. because they look like spoons
  15. they look more like a penis.
  16. ^ lol fasho.

    But last night, i was walking along kinda of wasted and i had my bowl in my hand. I went to pass it and it slipped/fumbled in my hand. It fell on to the sidewalk and didn't break! I was pretty happy!

    sorry about you piece op! But this means you get to get a new one!!
  17. hahah yeah, i really want the gandalf but i know i'll break it somehow

    might pick up a one hitter/dugout for now. cheap and practical...

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