Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. damn, i light my candle(which i use to light lighter off so i dont have to make noises and wake up the rents) and it burns out straight away, BUMMER! i was looking foward to a bowl so i could watch a movie and drift to sleep,

    Being an insomic sucks! none of those sleeping pills work, i should've gone for a toke earlier with my mates, now im bored and awake, tonight blows
  2. don't let the flick of a lighter keep you from getting high dude, just cough or fart :D or somthing to cover the noise
  3. you know what the best noise to cover it REALLY is?

    sniff real loud when u flick the lighter lol

    but i dont like risking it
  4. buddy dont be worried about a lighter flick if your door is closed they wont hear it... if your not believeing me just have one of your friends go in your room and light a lighter up like mad.. you wont even hear it i swear... and if all else fails get a click lighter instead of a flicken one....... OOOOOOH plus if its a bick and u still got the child prooof on it tear that little shit off cause thats responsible for half the noise
  5. Get one of those electric pipes. Never used one, but I imagine it's good for extremely lazy people, or people who need to be quiet. :)

  6. I have a friend that has one of those. It's pretty cool, but does make a slight buzzing noise. Lol, buzzing for your buzz. :D
  7. Being an insomic sucks! none of those sleeping pills work

    hahah if you can get hold of some ambien... pop about 3-4 of them, you'll fall asleep right away... even better, if you can fight off the sleepiness, have fun tripping.

  8. oops forgot to quote it

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