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nooby question but

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by davida0829, May 21, 2010.

  1. #1 davida0829, May 21, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 21, 2010
    ok i just smoked till i got complety messed up and i am coming down right now is it possible for me to get this messed up agian well i am comin down i know i might have to smoke a lil more but that is ok gonna let my last bit of bud go out with a BANG

    since i herd mary jane was a mood enhancer it will make me more scared right:confused:

    so i am gonna watch a scary movie if i can get messed up agian

    wich should i watch

    1the unborn
    2 silent hill
    3 dawn of the dead (remake)
    or 4 should i play a scary vidoegame lol
    or 28 days later
    or 28 weeks later would prefer a zombie one tho =]

    please answer bolth questions an i will plus rep ya
  2. #2 juggalo6106, May 21, 2010
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    didnt see zmsmoke more and play a game. trust me you get into it a lot more. and i did it once and shit i jumped i was shaking it was awsome. i change that go for zombies they kick ass
  3. Watch 28 days later, then 28 weeks later. They're both great zombie flicks.
  4. thanks bro =] hmm 28 weeks sounds good thanks man u rock mmfwcl+t and + rep
  5. sadly dont got enough weed to get threw that one but i will watch the second and yes yes they are gr8 flicks :smoke: thanks man plus rep
  6. It helps even more so if you haven't seen them but it should still have an affect
  7. i will look in my on demand for one i havnt seen thanks for this crucial tip =]

    will reply for what one i watched and thanks man =]

    thanks for all the responses
  8. I wonder if this would work for shitty scary movies. hmmmmmm...
  9. Of course, you have no idea the list of shitty movies I've found decently entertaining or even hilarious while high. Watch some of the terribly rated movies on IMDB or Netflix you'll be surprised.
  10. Won't make them scarier but funnier? Sure:smoke:
  11. thanks for all the responses guys got done watchin the unborn *didnt have enof money to rent) an i tell ya it scared the livin shit outa me lol me an my chair fell over at one of the pop outs ha it sucked but was cool way intense

    and then i played dead space (always have a feeling aliens are watchin me when i am stoned off my ass for some reason) so i thot it would be a good game (defintly was!!!)
  12. You can definitely come back up again if you smoke more.
    I'm normally a total fraidy cat when it comes to scary movies, but for me if i'm high and I watch one I just can't concentrate on the movie enought to really get into it and get scared. They can be funny tho, lol.

    Have fun :)
  13. thanks for answering bolth questions man :hello:

    lol yea i lernd my lesson tonight i am gonna stick to simple movies that i can comprehend and not fall over in a chair havin a a panic attack in lol

  14. it was told to me in a +rep that zombieland would have been epic. i neevr seen it high but i did watch it 5 times sober and it was awsome
  15. completly amazing when you are buzzin on pot not so high you cant comprehend it an not so sober you cant tell your buzzin if that makes any since =]
  16. If your coming down, then smoking more can either make you just very tired and more burnt out, or the complete opposite and make you higher. Its 50/50 with me but i dont usually smoke back to back. How high is on demand watch that its funny.
  17. sadly dmx i already watched the unborn i was thinkin of how high when i seen it on demand but i decided to grow a pair an watch a horror movie baked off my ass safe to say fell outa my chair an had a panic attack lol:hello:

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