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Noobs guide to buying weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by JuicyyLemonG, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. haha same here... where at in michigan?

  2. Please grow up.
  3. #64 Ravaged, Aug 30, 2009
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    One problem that comes up often is the problem of paying for quality. In my town $10 will get you exactly 1 gram and $240 will get you a zip. Keep in mind I haven't bought a single crop that wasn't guaranteed to be saturated with THC. I don't do sales these days. I always feel that nobody should buy something they haven't tried. I find it almost mandatory to sample my product. I also understand that some people just need that extra gram inbetween paychecks. If you are dealing with someone that would burn a bridge over ten dollars, then you probably didn't need their business anyway. These are principles I've always seen enacted, So its sad when I hear about dealers reaching as deep as they can into their customer's pockets just to make a little extra money. If you are getting your ounce for $220, don't sell 6/10ths of a gram for $10. Especially when they know their stuff is just high regs to mids at best. Making some extra money on top of a job is one thing, but trying to support yourself or a family by selling weed is not the way to go.
  4. Ravage I suggest you get rid of your posts, talking about dealing will get you introuble.
    I know... I got infractions from it and stuff.
  5. You must be talking to yourself. You do know that makes people think you're crazy right? :rolleyes:
  6. Haha I'm a noob buyer.

    This guide was pretty helpful, I pretty much trust my dealer, but I'm getting it in an area that isn't very safe and I don't think I'll have time to examine it.. The good thing is, I see the guy every day and if he rips me off I'll know eventually and I'll deal with him later XD.
  7. money isn;t a good thing to check your scale with, it all weighs different, if you're using the same bill or coin to compare 2 scales then yes that works, but i;ve weighed tons of coins and they all vary

  8. All US $1 weigh 1.0g
  9. :eek:wow really theres a half eighth??? always thought it was know as a sixteenth :eek:
  10. Really? Where are you from?
  11. what the fuck? 20$ a gram for REGULAR? Bro I think your getting ripped, the best headies are 20 a gram...
  12. North minneapolis

    im just messin with ya, most people who went to there high school math classes dont reefer->:smoking: to somethin as a half eighth since its jus a sixteenth. just basic math with reducing fractions.
  13. Pretty informative thread, thanks. I like getting the dealer's perspective of deals, too.

    Also, this thread got derailed very, very fast.
  14. one things noobs have to understand also, this is a supply and demand product. when ur dealer does not call you back o ignores you, he dont have it. also, you cant always expect the same bud or the same price. i have bought oz for 300 few months ago in jerz. lately prices are higher.

    also if you have to give ur money the ur "dealer" so he can go get it, he is not the guy you wanna mess with. you wanna mess wit someone dat has it. even exchange.
  15. Ok i made a thread about this once and people acted like i had just dropped in from mars. The NWORD term is offensive and NOONE should use it. Ill repeat it again that trm is offensive and NOONE should be saying it.

    The term nword time comes froma sterotype that all black ppl are late. This isnt true at all im always on time if i say im coming at 7 pm my black ass is there at 7pm (unless traffic gets in the way) but anyways i think that the idea that only one group should say it is stupid as well. No one should be saying the term its racist,stupid and makes the people say it sound like ignorant jack asses ok im getting off my soap box now
  16. just chillin with your dealer like he's a person not just a drug supplier is a good idea sometimes. smokin with him then hittin up a movie or somethin, might sound gay but thats what i did and i mean my dealer would call me up and be like hey bro you wanna hit the blunt wit me at my house ain't got shit to do. so its cool to actually try and make friends with your dealer, they might appreciate that shit.
  17. Let the mutha fuggin church say amen here:hello::hello: I mean most "dealers" are decent people. I mean hell i use to call mine up to go out drinking with me,get something to eat. Like i generally liked the dude or better yet when you come over bring beer with you GOOD beer if you can the appreciate that shit.

    If you are a girl it doesnt hurt to look xtra special cute ;);) i keed i keed

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