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Noobs guide to buying weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by JuicyyLemonG, Aug 5, 2009.

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    Hey grasscity! This is my guide to buying weed.

    Starting out :

    The first time you buy weed it'll most likely come from a friend, but what happens when your friend isn't there and you have to buy your own weed? I'll teach you the proper etiquette to buying weed in the streets.

    Slang words / weight :

    Half Eighth 1.7g
    Eighth 3.5g
    Quarter 7g
    Half ounce 14g
    Onion(Ounce) 28g
    Cutie pie(Quarter-Pound) 4oz
    Harry potter(Half-Pound) 8oz

    Calling / texting the dealer :

    When i used to sell i would constantly get texts / calls asking for weed. If you're texting then there are some rules you should follow. Here are some examples of what NOT to do :

    Ex : "Hey this is Chris Smith. can i get some weed?"
    Ex : "Hey man do you have any weed?"
    Ex : "How much does a dime cost?"

    If you say anything like that then the dealer will either ignore you or rip you off (Because he knows you're a noob).

    Proper way to ask :

    Ex : "Hey bro what up? got any?"
    Ex : "Got some?"
    Ex : "Hey, can i meet you somewhere?"

    Picking up the goods :

    If the dealers tells you to go somewhere and meet him then you should be a little early. Most dealers run on "Slow time". Slow time means they say they're gonna be there in 5 but it's actually 10-20 minutes, but that's the way it's gonna be because he has the drugs and you want them so be patient.

    If the dealer is going to the destination of your choice try to make it somewhere in the middle of the both of you. It's more convenient for the both of you and the dealer won't be pissed because he/she has to drive everywhere.

    Preventing getting ripped off :

    When you buy from your dealer you have trust in them, but sometimes your bags look a little short. Always ask the dealer how much is in the bag and ask him/her to scale it. If he/she doesn't have a Digi (Scale) then you should bring your own. It only takes a few seconds to scale something. To make sure your scale is balanced weigh a dollar bill. It should weight 1 Gram exactly.

    Well that's all i got grasscity. If anyone has any other information they wanna add go ahead :)

    Good luck noobies! Smoke on

    P.S. Drug dealers have lives too. Think about that.

  2. Just a quick thought.

    If you're a noob at buying weed, make sure to have a good place to stash your green in your car. Once you give the dealer the money and they give you the weed, immediately put it away after looking at it. (Check it first unless you trust the guy a lot) Either way, you want to make sure your stuff is hidden.

    The best places to hide weed is higher up, in the middle of the car if possible and obviously out of sight. Be creative and smoke safe :smoking:
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    Where do you live?

    I live in new jersey and the prices go like this. $20 a gram. Then just do the math for each weight. 1/8- 3.5 grams- $65 dollars. A dime is not 2 grams around here, its .5g. Some people will cut you deals but thats how it is. And who buys half a 1/8? why not just get 2 grams?
  4. Got rid of the dime weight because it varies, and idk i'm just putting up weight for noobs.
  5. newb smokers: just try to be chill. if your dealer doesnt text back 10 seconds later or answer after the first ring don't freak out. we dealers have lives too. and believe it or not, you aren't our only customer. so just be pacient. we are trying to get the product to you as fast as is reasonable. OBVIOUSLY we wanna get paid just as much as you want your 10 sack haha.

  6. Haha true that

  7. No doubt - some guys are busier than others too. I usually give 30 mins between calls;)

    More slang:

    Wuz Good?
    You straight?
    Its good?
    Got Milk?

  8. "hey man, you good?"

    I thought that was the standard
  9. The Examples i have up there aren't the only ones you can use...obviously there are a lot more ways to get the point across.
  10. i usually just say

    "Hey (persons name) you got any bud?"

    would that be not noobish?
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    If you call no.
  12. kinda but im guilty of it sometimes to good friends. the main rule is keep anything related to marijuana out of text.
  13. Not cool buddy. I'm gonna assume you're ignorant of this but that is an abbreviation of the N word. That is how the term originated and it is an extension of the idea of "Colored People Time". It's an age old stereotype that African Americans cannot be on time. Edit out your use of slurs dude. I don't care how common the term is in your area... that's where it comes from and I'm not gonna tolerate it. :eek:
  14. Nig time = The time in Nigeria.
  15. No... no it doesn't. I'm going to report this post soon. :mad:
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    Go ahead i changed it just for you.
  17. ^^^chill nig
  18. Don't look for a scapegoat dude. Racism and discrimination is not cool. You won't find much support for intolerance here. If a term with racist connotations is perpetuated it allows the racist fabric woven deep into society to remain so entrenched... especially when wielded by the dominant culture. You should always be cognizant of the way your speech or text negatively affects others.... especially when those others have endured so much injustice for their entire tenure on the continent. Its called human decency. ;)
  19. I'm chill bra ;) just messin with dood

  20. I feel you bro its gone.

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