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  1. looking at getting my first bong guys needing you lot to point me in the right direction

    been looking at ones with percolators too cool the smoke as i dont like it burning my throat lol not looking for anything really expensive as im just a casual smoker any help would be ideal thanks :cool:
  2. Just go to a local headshop man, I picked one up for 70$ its a little under 2 feet tall, hits smooth, dont get me wrong its nothing fancy but for 70$ with decent thickness glass and a nice base I Don't mind it.

  3. Think I should get an ice one?
  4. Honestly, Zomg is right, local head shops usually carry some pretty gnarly ones.

    You didn't really specify much though. Tryin' to hide it or show it off? How fat's the wallet? etc.

  5. mrs says i can have one just not one the length of my leg haha and wallets decent below 100 quid tho
  6. For around $150, I would say go for EHLE brand. Great glass for your price range.
  7. You can definitely get a nice HiSi, Zong, ROOR, etc.

    Remember, real ROORs only have 3 ice catchers in the middle.
  8. If you have your own debit/credit card I would recommend buying online, unless you need it right now, but of your willing to wait you can usually find some good prices on the interweb
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    I got this one for 70$. Like I said, nothing fancy but definitely gets the job done.

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  10. thanks guys! seen that frost mushroom dream one and it looks good but no where stocks it :(

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