NoobieDoobie Converting Happy Frog to living no till?

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by Tmade, Jul 1, 2019.

  1. This may be a "cringe worthy" question, but is it possible to convert my 4 (free) bags of Happy Frog soil into a living soil?

    From what I gathered, this soil already has about 75% of the "ingredients". I'm just trying to save when I can and if it's feasible. I have some things around here I can add as well... fresh & composted bat guano, neem seed meal, "super compost", perilite, & composted cow manure. I know I may need a few more stuffs & things, but wondering if I can use this Fox Farm Happy Frog as a base.

    Thanks for the invaluable info guys and gals!

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  2. How much soil are you going to make?
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  3. Go for it. I would start by adding more of a high quality vermicompost and then adjusting aeration accordingly. Neem meal wouldn't be a bad idea either. I think you can make it work with what you have.
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  4. I would count it as part of my 1\3 SPM
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  5. Oh, probably about 40 gallons to start (around 5 cubic ft). I just want to start by using half of the happy frog I have.

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  6. Thank you for the encouragement FunTimeGrowHap! I'm super new at the indoor growing. Just got done scavenging about 50 worms from me outdoor vegetable garden!

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    Thank you for the input, but I'm VERY ignorant to what all the acronyms mean. What is spm?

    Thanks Taoist Farmer!
  8. Sphagnum Peat Moss

    I regularly use happy frog and it easily incorporates right in to the no-till.
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  9. Happy Frog is very high peat content. Some EWC as mentioned, as well as chicken shit would serve the mix well.

    Kelp meal
    Seabird guano
    Alfalfa meal
    Oyster shell flour
    Glacial rock dust
    Triple Phosphate

    These would all be great amendments as well as at least 30% total perlite

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  10. my soil mix is probably over 50% Happy Frog as the "base" part. I like Happy Frog.
    Just add more good quality compost and EWC's, additional aeration, and some amendments.

    in my own mix:
    1/3 - 50/50 peat / Happy Frog as my base
    1/3 - aeration (perlite / pumice / biochar)
    1/3 - compost (cow and chicken manure composts and EWC's)
    kelp meal
    neem meal
    alfalfa meal
    dolomite lime
    crab & Shrimp meals
    azomite (or any mineral rocks such as basalt, glacier rock, etc)

    you can adjust for what you like and / or what you can get in your area, but the bottom line to your original question is yeas,, you can easily use your Happy Frog soil and make it into a very nice living soil with the proper additions to it :)
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  11. Hell yes! I love this forum. I can't thank y'all enough. Especially you Smokey! You have upped my confidence level a bit. I'll have to update how this soil works with GelatoOG here in a few months. Now off to this scavenger hunt!
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  12. Sphagnum Peat Moss

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