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Noobie weed quality problem

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by nagaCZ, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm rather new to weed and have never bought any myself until now. The thing is I'm in my home city over the summer and I have no weed contacts here that I know from experience have good product. A friend of mine told me he had some and would sell it to me cheap given our acquaintance. I took it and smoked it... and it was no good.

    It burnt really badly, didn't have much taste to talk of (nor aroma), and the little buzz I got from it was gone in about 15 minutes. Smoking some more only made my mouth drier, but no high. The friend was surprised when I told him, since he reportedly got high off it well enough. Anyway, I looked up some visual guides to assessing weed quality (which, I suppose, I should have done before I bought it) and found out mine doesn't look bad, but doesn't seem to resemble what I've looked up online that much, nor what I've seen my friends roll into a joint that was actually pleasant... But I don't know, I'm no weed expert. So I thought I'd upload a picture and ask you guys for your opinions on how my weed looks. Is it possible I just rolled and smoked it wrong? If so, how?

    So yeah, basically, tell me what you think, please - I'm definitely willing to give it another shot. I still have quite a bit left after all :)

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  2. Doesn't look like great weed theres hardly any THC crystals on it thats why you're not getting very high..
  3. Eh looks decent enough to me... it looks funny because they didn't trim shit off they just let all the leaves dry and wrap around the bud.. get some scissors trim it off and it'll look like a normal ole bud... a little fluffy but oh well.. I see plenty of trics on it they are just under all those leaves

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  4. Yeah, he got a plant from his neighbour who's a home grower for helping him with his exams, and I don't think this friend of mine knew very well what to do with it, how to trim it, dry it, cure it... He probably didn't, really :D

    But I'm thinking, if I pack enough of it in a big joint, I should get a little high at the very least. Combine that with a few beers beforehand, it could be decent, I reckon.

    I'll get the scissors and report back to you with pics if you're interested.
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  5. Id like to see how it looks without the leaves go for it

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  6. Alright, so I got around to it and wanna update you on the progress. I'm posting a pic of the trimmed buds and one with the leaves and shit I should get rid of. The question for you, gentlemen, of course is - am I doing it right?

    Also, I feel like I should be able to really smell the weed working with it like this, but the aroma is very faint and I can properly smell it only when I get my nose close to it and sniff. Again, no weed expert, but I've been told that's a bad sign quality/potency-wise.

    IMG_20170807_012706.jpg IMG_20170807_012721.jpg IMG_20170807_012736.jpg
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  7. Smell doesn't mean anything I've had weed before that has no smell at all and it still got me stoned lol
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  8. Good to know... I suppose, in the end, you'll know whether it's good or not only when you try it :D

  9. Yeah thats the only way to be sure man by smoking lol I've also had weed that didnt smell until I put it in my grinder
  10. thats some crappy weed
  11. How about the after-trim buds... if I can call them that? Does it look any more promising than in the beginning?
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  12. It looks fine OP... the people talking shit are just snobs that are the same way over beer wine liquor and everything else... zoom in on it and you can see plenty of trics on it... it was decent enough for homegrown... just had a shit trim job. It is fluffy however... that matters to the grower a shitload more than it does to the buyer/smoker... also may want to pass it along to homeboy that he can let his weed go another week or two before chopping.

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  13. Well, I suppose the only way to make sure it's any use is have another joint, so... I'll go do that :D
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  14. Alright, so here's the final result. The ground weed doesn't look too fancy, either, and, naturally, my joint won't be winning any beauty contests, but fu*k it, I'm going for it :D

    I'll get back to you with how it was :)

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  15. Well, it's been at least thirty minutes since I smoked. Very, very faint high; barely noticeable, really. It's definitely been a more pleasant experience overall compared to yesterday but I can't really say I'm baked. Does it seem like too little in the pics? Cos I don't think so...

    Seems like I've got weed so mellow it blends into soberness without notice :D

  16. Smoke another and see if it gets you lifted :smoking:
  17. Usually half a joint of good weed will get you were you need to be. It may take two joints to get a decent high.
  18. Well, I must save some for the festival now :D
  19. word! being wasted at a festival is fun
  20. That first picture looks like mold/bud rot.

    Look at how dark those pistils are, almost black. I'd be careful about smoking buds that look like that. Really look them over, Pistills should be orange not brown and black.

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