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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by midget9642, May 11, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    I'm trying to grow a couple plants in the woods for my very first time this season, i got some northern lights seeds off of (still shipping atm) but im trying to figure out what i should do so where i can plant the seeds and basically let them grow by themselves with occasional watering here and there.

    Like my situation is i want them to grow with the least amount of times i have to check on them because im in trouble so my parents are on my sack like no tomorrow.

    I was thinking that i could get miracle gro organic soil (the 2 month nutrient kind) and germinate the seeds and just dig a decent hole in the ground, fill it with the organic soil, water it and wait a day. Come back, if its moist than plant the seed and hope for the best. Is that smart ? Anyone have any better ideas?

    Im hoping that by the 2months of nutrients in the soil is up, the roots will have expanded into the normal soil where there are nutrients and very moist. Ofcourse i would have to water on droughts and stuff but...


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