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  1. Hi everyone, Noobers here! :wave:

    This is my first grow ever!

    I decorated a room to grow in thats about 10' x 15'. I split it in half with simple black plastic and a few 2x4's. I have a 250w MH light and 6 of those flouresent grow lights for veg room. Ill get 4 600w HPS for the flower room if i have the money, if not ill get 2 1000w HPS. I put the carbon filter on the outside of my room, should work just fine i would imagine. I put water from the hose into that 35 gal can and let it sit for a day or two then ph it. Thats the water ill be using for the grow.

    I have 10 White Widow Max seeds, 10 Ice seeds and 10 Crystal seeds. With my order came 5 ? seeds. I have no idea what they are but they are tiny. I germinated 5 of each, all the WWM sprout and all the Crystal sprout, the Ice are having problems. 2 of the 5 seeds cracked and just stoped. One of the ? seeds sprouted.

    Hope all goes well for me, my first time so im doing alot of research and guess work. Good times though lol :smoking:

    I am about a week into it. Time has never gone so slow in my life.

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  2. Doing ok so far. I decided to try to crack 2 more Ice seeds to see if I can get a sprout.

    The one plant looks sad, I checked the PH yesterday and it was a bit high so I lowerd it to about 6 and the new leafs are coming in now. I think she will do just fine.

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  3. looking good noobers...
    i like ur choice on the ferts:D....
    youll want to try and keep the ph at 5.8, best growth that way..
  4. ok. All I have now are PH drops so its kinda a guess. I am keeping it yellow what should be 6. Ill get a digital PH meter soon though.

    Thanks for the reply :wave:
  5. i used the drip when i first started to..youll make it until you get one..
  6. Well, things seem to be going ok over here. I have a little problem with root rot. Hydrogen Peroxide seems to be helping. The fungus was starting to get out of control on me, as of now its about 50% contained and getting better.

    When can I take clones off them?

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    Oh, My lights are on there way as well. I got 6 400w mh/hps to flower with. That will give me 4687 lumens per sq ft in a 8x8 room, right? Hope I did the right thing lol.

    I want to start taking clones to find sex asap. I looked into it and as far as I can tell its too early to take any clones. Is it a bad idea to clone the main stock? I want to snip it just above the 2nd node. What harm will be done if I take a clone now?

    This is so exciting lol :hello:
  8. Here are some pictures of the new branches. Can I clone the one my hand is next to? It has 3 nodes.

    There is also a picture of my flower room. Those are the buckets they will go into. Now I built a clone machine, should i use that or root them in rapid rooter plugs? If i use the clone machine how will the plant support itself in the 5" pots?

    All help will be greatly appreciated guys. :D

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  9. Wow, its been over a week and no help, replys, or comments. Im moving my grow to to see if i can get some help there.

    Some great grows over here in GC though. Keep up the good work guys.

  10. use grow cubes 1 1/2 and then in the net pot...
    good luck at a member there, but its not the city...
  11. Who am I kidding, I cant just abandon my grow here.

    Here are the clones, 3 to 4 days old. Also 3 new white widow and 2 crystal plants. None of the Ice seeds sprouted.

    I think im going to flower the main plants and grow out the clones into mothers. But have not decided. Would probably be best so I can get rid of the plants that have root rot.

    There is a few pictures of my root rot problem too. It seems to be going away just very slowly.

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  12. Your roots are fine..that is not root rot...

    The roots have discolored do to your nutes...;)
  13. Looking good.

    Too bad none of the Ice sprouted, I've been interested in seeing a grow of that strain.

    Any idea what the mystery strain is? Indica or Sativa?
  14. Pretty good noobers. Cloning the main stalk is not a problem. I think it ends up being the most vigorous cutting, but I just made that up. I agree that that isn't root rot. Good to see you up an rolling wit your setup! Subscribed.
  15. Looking good Noobers they look pretty healthy to me How you like those nutes your using?
  16. A couple weeks ago it smelt so bad. Its much better now though.

    Me too, the pictures look amazing. And the mystery strain I have no idea. The leaves are much skinnier then the WW or the Crystal.


    I love them, My first grow so nothing to compair too.
  17. What are those? Its not in flowering and only a month old.

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  18. I think those are preflowers. They don't tell you anything until balls or thin white hairs come out of them. Balls = boys (duh), and Thin White Hair = girls (pistils). It will be quite obvious once they get to the right size.

  19. cool. thanks!
  20. Well, got my lights. Im in the process of setting them up now. It gets way too hot in there with them all running, so im running another duct line out of that room.

    I have 3 new white widow max sprouts and 2 new crystal sprouts.

    I super cropped one branch and topped everything else yesterday.

    And the clones are still alive.

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