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Noob with a surge protector question..

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by laMars, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. I am trying to power a 600w light. When I do not use a surge protector and plug the light straight into the wall, everything works great. When I run it through a surge protector it will not work, the surge protector seems to be meeting all the requirements. Any thoughts?
  2. well a 600w light is probably in the range of 7-9 amps, your standard 120v wall outlet will usually hold up to 20amps, that surge protector you have is possibly only a 10 amp forwhich most are usually 15amp, anytime I have ever had issues with surge protectors its because it was some 4.99 one I got on sale at fred meyer or something, I would highly suggest spending 19.99 and get one at your local grow store, titan controls makes a nice one for that price with even a built in timer, I hope this helps
  3. Yeah previous poster is right. Im guessing you have more than just the light plugged into it.

    And just for the info
    600 watt light runs at 7.4 amps
    1000 watt light runs at 9.7 amps

    You dont want to push a 20 amp breaker past 80% of its capacity.

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