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Noob Toker!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mariskana, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, whats up? I'mma a really new blazer. I've only been stoned about 3 times, and I gotta say, they were the best times of my life. It's almost indescribable how amazing the experiences were. The best way I can describe it is like there were people inside my body working together to make me feel good. The first time was just me and my friend, I felt like if everyone took a toke, then there would be world peace. I could see the US laying down their arms, terrorists lay down their bombs, and I could see everyone in the world holding hands and taking a nice long rip from a bong while singing songs. Even though I don't believe in God, the plant made me feel so spiritual. It's as if saying, " You know, the world's a horrible place, but I've given you a gift to cope every once in a while". We tried to play video games, and I litterally could not even press the buttons, I was so stoned. We smoked like 8+ hits each. Music sounded so amazing, as if the instruments were litterally tearing at your soul, it was so beautiful. The seconds seemed like minutes. We watched Salad Fingers and Charlie the Unicorn, which were pretty unique experiences, to say the least.

    The second and third times, were amazing also. After taking hits, I went in my friend's room and started watching TV. His sister came in and caught me just looking at a blank screen. As I sat in the couch, all I thought was, "Wow, I'm back again, to my real life". Later, we were watching Borat, which I can not even remember to this day. Anyway, during the commercials, I would have a melt-into-the-couch session. What I do is, I close my eyes and just put my face into the arm rest. The things that I saw behind my eyelids were so vivid and colorful, like a kaleidoscope, but 2x. It was INSANE, like I didn't even know these mixtures of colors and patterns even existed, and this was my third time too. All I had to do was close my eyes, and I saw the trippiest images, almost played like a movie, but with really phychedelic colors and swirls moving! One of the images I remember was really crazy. The best way I can say it is I'm looking up at the sky, and there are dolls in marching formation spinning around at the same time. The sky was either black/red, and they had red and black plaid dresses on. Red beams shot from their eyes as their bodies moved together. Kind of like this: marching army - Google Search And the thing is, I didn't sit there thinking about it. It just popped into my head randomly. The last time, I smoked a joint shared by 4 people, and I was the only one there stoned.The bud was what my friend's sister called "bad weed".

    Anyway, if that was bad weed, I wonder what good weed will be like. Probably heaven. I just wanted to ask if long time stoners still feel this. I would like to have a session again, as it's been about 3 weeks since my last one, which will be my fourth. I really hope I don't get a tolerance to this amazing experience, as my friend wasn't tripping like I was, and he's pretty much a daily stoner. Also, I'm very lightweight, if that factors into anything. I make sure to take long breaks between every smoke sesh, but I'm worried that I might lose that "higher living" I guess. Anyways, those memories, aswell as the images I don't remember will always be with me.

    Happy blazing! :smoking:
  2. Uh, weed did that? :eek:
  3. I am absolutely sure it was weed. The patterns were out of this world. Probably a level two as described here: Psychedelic experience - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I saw a lot of things upon closing my eyes, but I can't remember anything. The only thing I fairly remember is scenes randomly transitioning, like a pink playground with objects scattered about, then mobing to another scene. These only happen in my eyes however, and I don't see anything weird in the real world. The only thing close (which was probably just in my head) was when I was sitting on the floor with my friends. My other friend is standing up, and when I look at him, I see a really cartoon version of his face with fangs hissing at me. But again, probably in my head, and not a real open eye visual hallucination.
  4. I've definitely never experienced that with weed. That could possibly happen with a low-ish dose of salvia, like just a bit less than what it takes to go to "the salvia dimension". But I doubt it was weed.
  5. Weed can give you closed-eye visuals, for sure. But simply dehydration can do that too. After you smoke weed for a little while they'll definitely go away, so enjoy them.
  6. haha.... wish I could see shit like that just from weed......

  7. Awww, that's what I'm afraid of. I won't look forward to that day, lol. Do you suppose a daily stoner could get these back after a month long t-break?

    Thanks Wacky, but what I've read about Salvia, it takes you to a whole new world, a state of unrealness. I didn't feel that with weed. I felt absolutely in control, just the closed eye visuals might have been trippy. Are you sure you've never seen these your first times tokin'?
  8. I definitely haven't, you shouldn't worry about losing your high too much anyway, if you take regular t-breaks the high stays strong & it kinda evolves with you in a way. It will always be satisfying. :cool:

    And BTW low doses of salvia can have a psychedelic-like high, as I know from experience. It can also make you feel as if you've literally merged with your seat. It's crazy shit.
  9. I rember my first times. If i would sit still and not even move, My whole body would go numb and it was like I melted in my seat. But once you moved it went away.
  10. :hello:you should write poetry. or short stories. nice share my man. To be honest i will say that my experiences have gone down over the past couple years ive been smoking but only slighty. Breaks do help for me personally. but this may not be the case for everyone. I hope you keep having those experiences and i am glad your enjoying your newly found hobby! And im sure i can speak for most people when i say welcome to canniculture.. And if i met you id give you a big welcome hug :)
  11. Good lord that sounds AMAZING. I wish I could've had HALF of that happen my first time. I wish I could have it happen right now cuz I'm pretty blowed lol
  12. Hey man, thanks for the welcome! (hug) I'm really loving the culture. Since that day (thrid time), I still haven't smoked yet. But next time I do, I will be sure to try to record it or write it down and post my experience. It will probably be better too, if I put on some music rather than TV commercials, haha. This is the best picture that I found online that looks close to one of the things I saw:
    Rather than orange and red though, they were white and blue, and moving from the inside to outer circle. If I remember correctly, there was another wave of white and blue through the circle. Eh, it's kind of like a dream I guess, only you can recall it, and it's very difficult to explain. Whenever I commercial break would be on, I would have a different experience, I think. There were like dream fragments, so they're very hard to recall. In a lot of other threads I've read, people say it's not possible to have CEV on weed, and I gotta say, they are totally real. They go beyond what your mind percieves, it breaks through that barrier of dull thinking, or safe thinking to unexplainable colorful visuals. When Borat came back on though, it was like waking up to a long dream.

    Def2k1: The best advice I can give to you, is continue going on a break for a while. Actually put it on the pedastal, you know. Don't think of it as just a drug that you can use to get cheap thrills from. Because to me, it's much more than that. It's like the most spiritual peaceful substance ever. After your really long break, tell yourself you will see things behind your eyes. If you tell yourself you can do it, I think you can. Put on some ambient music and feel it, I guess. Oh, and smoking a lot of it definately helps!

    But yeah, I will make sure to write down my experiences while they are happening. I've been practicing my dream recall lately, so I think I can get way better experiences down on paper. I probably might need someone to write it down for me as I tell them, because I can't even type when I'm stoned. Haha! :smoking:
  13. #15 touq, Jan 24, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 24, 2010
    i been smoking weed, for a very long time... not sure how long... but i still get those crazy images when i close my eyes that he's talking about. thats like my favorite part about smoking weed. just kickin back in my chair with my eyes closed just thinkin
    OR haha when you tell stories! and you can see what you're telling like vividly in your head its nutty :smoking:

  14. Unfortunately, not really in my experience. You certainly might get some, but it's just harder to lose yourself in them and truly experience them because you're so familiar with being high like that.
  15. okay hate to break it to ya op but no one really cares, i didnt even read the whole thing, BLOG IT PAL. hate to be so rude but really, i mean i know this is apprentice tokers, but we dont wanna hear your long ass story. make it short and right to the point. good weed tho. :smoking:
  16. Hi. No one really cares? It seems like you're the only one who doesn't really care. Now I don't want to be rude, but if you didn't want to waste time reading a "long ass story",
    1) Don't waste time looking through the thread
    2) Don't waste time posting a complaint about said thread
    It's not like anyone forced you to read it or anything, haha. Sarcasm aside, I didn't really mean to post a freakin' blog, just wanted to hear if people see CEVs.

  17. Well first, welcome to GC. second you said "I didn't really mean to post a freakin' blog, just wanted to hear if people see CEVs." so next time shorten it up, and watch what you say because sometimes it can be your poison.
  18. DAHAHAM! i want some of whatever your smokeing!

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